Lucky NYC Cat Survives Five-Story Fall onto Spiked Fence

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 3:00pm
cat with fabric cone

At the ASPCA, we see many feline victims of High Rise Syndrome each year, but perhaps none so lucky as three-year-old Pereque, who miraculously survived a fall from a five-story apartment building window right onto a spiked fence.

After his fall, Pereque’s pet parent rushed him to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where he underwent surgery with ASPCA Director of Surgery Dr. J’mai Gayle that same day.

Pereque sustained only non-life threatening injuries—in fact, he didn’t even have a broken bone! Fortunately for Pereque, the spikes on the fence just missed his femoral artery, and all of his major organs were unharmed.

ASPCA Veterinarian Dr. Laura Niestat also treated Pereque during his stay at AAH and released him to his pet parent three days later.

“I believe he ultimately did quite well,” Dr. Gayle says.

We’re so glad we were able to treat this resilient kitty when he needed us most!

For more information about our emergency veterinary care services, please visit the ASPCA Animal Hospital online.