Lucky NYC Cat Survives Five-Story Fall onto Spiked Fence

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 3:00pm
cat with fabric cone

At the ASPCA, we see many feline victims of High Rise Syndrome each year, but perhaps none so lucky as three-year-old Pereque, who miraculously survived a fall from a five-story apartment building window right onto a spiked fence.

After his fall, Pereque’s pet parent rushed him to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where he underwent surgery with ASPCA Director of Surgery Dr. J’mai Gayle that same day.

Pereque sustained only non-life threatening injuries—in fact, he didn’t even have a broken bone! Fortunately for Pereque, the spikes on the fence just missed his femoral artery, and all of his major organs were unharmed.

ASPCA Veterinarian Dr. Laura Niestat also treated Pereque during his stay at AAH and released him to his pet parent three days later.

“I believe he ultimately did quite well,” Dr. Gayle says.

We’re so glad we were able to treat this resilient kitty when he needed us most!

For more information about our emergency veterinary care services, please visit the ASPCA Animal Hospital online.

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Caroline Valverde

Thank you very much ASPCA. If it was not for the love and care from both of our part and your part, Pereque would not have made it. He is an amazing cat and a very special one. He was very strong and at all times cooperated with everyone that crossed his way. This is definitely a memorable experience and we are very happy that he is recovering like a super cat :))). Love love love


How does one fall 5-stories and land on a spiked fence survive? Amazing little glad he was rushed to animal hospital immediately and that he is doing so well!

Barbara Paolucci

I seriously doubt this cat 'fell' - is anyone investigating this incident? The area is known for animal abandonment, abuse and 'falls'


Poor cat
Almost to lucky butvicsm glad she or he survived
And at the person who says it was a "fall"
They wouldn't have rushed it to the hispital

Yes, Pereque is VERY lucky to have survived the five-story fall, and I am so happy that he is doing well; however, if I were the vet, I would seriously consider not letting that owner have the cat back. How/why was Pereque allowed to be in a window or wherever where this could happen?? This is totally unacceptable, and, in my opinion, the cat should be placed in a loving, responsible home rather than with the owner who let him fall. What a shame animals have to suffer at the hands of the irresponsibility of humans. This truly makes me sick!!!


Thank you for writting. Accidents do happen and i'm sure the cat's owners feel bad enough about what happened with out other peoples cruel comments. I'm glad kitty was rushed to the vet's and doing well.

Jaime Perez

I'm so glad Perequa is doing so well. Thank goodness for the ASPCA and their great vets!


I love the darling, soft collar Pereque is wearing. SO MUCH BETTER and one I've never seen. Someone deserves an award for that design!

Rev. Joe

Pereque's guardian kitty angel was flying with him.
Incredible that so little damage was done.
Just goes to show you miracles happen.

To those of you who seem to be so lackidaisical about an animal almost dying due to a fall that could have been prevented: you don't know that this wasn't an act of negligence, either, now do you?? To me, this is inexcusable and irresponsible, and that's that, no matter how one looks at it. I certainly DO NOT look for the worst in every situation, but this is a lapse of judgement that almost cost this cat his life. If that happened to be a child, would you be so "chilled out" about it?? I hope you don't have children or companion animals. Seems to me someone else is being judgemental here besides the ones who don't think this is a big deal. I have my opinion and you have yours, so let it go at that!!