A Loveable Imposter

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 11:00am
striped cat laying on carpet

After Benjamin B.’s beloved cat, Fat Larry, escaped from his apartment, his roommates thought they found him at the ASPCA. Sadly, this new cat turned out not to be Larry. He was a loveable imposter. Benjamin shared the following bittersweet story with us:

My roommates left our apartment door open and let out my cat, Fat Larry, while I was working my night job. I was upset and in disbelief that my favorite pet in the world had gone missing. Weeks turned into months until finally in December 2010, the ASPCA contacted my roommates about a Tabby cat rescued in Manhattan. They rushed to the shelter and brought the cat back to our apartment.

When I returned home that evening, I discovered a large cat that looked almost identical to my beloved Larry. My roommates tried to convince me it was him. Frustrated with their feeble attempts to restore feline order in our apartment, I named this cat Fat Barry.

At first, Barry was timid, shaky, and despite having a huge belly, seemed to have no appetite. We set him up with a cozy bed, but he spent entire days in our cold, damp tub. If more than one person entered the room, he became paralyzed with fear. After several visits to the vet, I knew Barry was struggling psychologically.

Finally, I decided to bring him upstate to my parents’ house in a quiet, suburban neighborhood in Albany. A few weeks went by and Barry began settling into his new home. He was sleeping in the bed we set up for him and nibbling at his food. Barry was still nervous with multiple people in the room, but he would let one person pick him up and pet him. I was shocked the first time Barry actually jumped on to my lap to request some petting.

I am proud to report that Barry is now the happiest cat in upstate New York. He enjoys rolling around in the grass, and when there’s more than one person in the room, he is content as long as everyone is petting him.

Barry came into my life due to a loss of another cat, but sometimes things happen for a reason. With a little love, all pets can live a happy life.