Love at First Paw

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 2:00pm
Caesar sleeping

Tara Munoz had never shared her home with a cat before, but when she and her husband visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan, she quickly met her first feline match. The couple adopted a friendly cat named Caesar, and it was love at first paw. She shared the following story with us:

In December 2012, my family and I adopted Caesar from the ASPCA in New York City. He adapted very well to our home, and we think he is the "purrfect" addition.

The adoption process was very thorough, informative and the volunteers were great.When we were looking at the cats inside the cat room, Caesar came down from his post and up to my husband. He rubbed against him and offered his paw—it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Caesar stole my heart from that moment on. He chose us!

Caesar loves to play with his toys, and he always makes us laugh the way he plays with his scratching post. I've never had a cat before, but my husband had cats throughout most of his childhood life. Adopting Caesar has definitely been a wonderful learning and loving experience. Caesar has brought me joy and happiness that I could never imagine.

Thanks to the ASPCA for their service. Caesar is the best!

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What a great story. It is hard to go in a place like that. You feel so sad because you can't take ALL of them. I always cry after I leave ( for the ones still waiting to go home).


not only do kitties in shelters need help but the homeless ones that live on the streets with no families and never know where there meals if any will come from so as a pet lover i took in 16 homeless cats that lived with no hope for a future other than being pick up by animal services and being euthenized just because they were homeless and gave them a future today they are healthy and happy. most people will not take black cats in but i am happy to say the 16 cats i have they are black, black&white, orange, gray, and white turkish van cats as well so people should consider taking not only cats from shelters but the homeless ones with no future as well

Marj T

I LOVE black cats!!!! Adopted 2 black brothers from a rescue spot and then adopted 2 black sisters from an individual that worked at my vets. Her grandmother had the mother & she was trying to find a forever-home for the kittens. I also have 2 black & white cats that belonged to extended family members & needed homes when the originial owners became unable to care for them. Just recently I also took in a tortorise shell cat that was
"dropped off" in my neighborhood. She is the sweetist cat but has
gotten chubbly because she can't believe that there is always food
available. Yes, that makes 7 cats but I love them all!

Beverly Johnson

I love all of these stories about cats. We have one princess...SHE adopted us. Love her so much! Love ALL cats!

So glad Tara and her husband's hearts! My new adopted cat Tristan also chose me at the shelter and helped me heal a broken heart; story at

Christine Partin

I adopted a six year old Tabby Persian cat on June 9, 2012 from a local shelter. She is now the Princess of my home and great company for my male Persian cat. Tabby Persian cats often sit for a long time waiting for homes because some people think they are too ordinary. My Tabby Persian is a Blue Silver Gold Tabby Persian and a rare color. She is active and sweet and playful. I don't consider her ordinary at all! I'm so happy to find her!


I think it's funny how people suddenly love cats when they hear a heart-warming story about one, but wouldn't give it a second thought about abandoning one because they are moving or the cat gets pregnant or they simply don't want it anymore because it isn't cute, and assume it can fend for itself. Shame on you!

Laura Todd

Caesar is so handsome! I'm so glad he found a loving home, and that his new Mom is gettig to experience the joy and fun of having a cat as a family member.

shelby letson

cute my cat lays like that a lot its to cute!!!!!!

Patrick Oliver

Congratulations Caesar!