Lost Your Pet During Sandy?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 3:45pm
Small cat in a crate

If you were separated from your pet during Hurricane Sandy, there is a chance your dog or cat is under the care of the ASPCA at our Emergency Boarding Facility in Brooklyn. We’ve partnered with Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) to help pets displaced by Hurricane Sandy find their homes. Please check the lost dog database and lost cat database for photos and details about each animal at the shelter. Additional pets are listed in the AC&C Found Pets Database.

The ASPCA boarding facility, located at 1508 Herkimer Street in Brooklyn, is open seven days a week, from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., through Dec. 17. If you think you recognize your pet in our database, please call (347) 573-1561 before visiting.

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Are you guys in need of donations or do you have supplies? I ran a collection in my town and I have dropped off three truck loads at other places. Trying to see where to bring the next load!

Lisa Flores

I have called several times to the Ventura County Humane Society to report a puppy that is being kept in a chicken coup and it is very upsetting to here this dog cry at night and during the day. who else can help this poor animal if you try and report it and no one seems to care. I seriously feel like crying to hear this animal cry because the owner is so stupid. the address is in Ventura on Campanula and Aster Street and has a White fence with a Lions symbol on it. Please call the humane Society and contact them 805-646-7849 to help this animal from this owner.I have tried to get this dog help. So please help me help this beautiful animal from a Monster. Someone who truely cares. :(...

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