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Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 3:00pm
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Becca Adams shared the following story with us about meeting her beloved feline companion Lily at a time when she least expected to adopt a cat.

The story of Lily actually begins 18 years ago, when I met the first love of my life at the SPCA in Virginia Beach, Virginia: a domestic shorthaired cat named Rassa.  For 17 happy years, Rassa was my companion, partner in crime and best friend.  He was diagnosed with cancer in December 2011. We discussed our options with the vet, and decided to make him comfortable for as long as he maintained his quality of life. Never one to enjoy a change of scenery, he seemed to agree. Rassa left us in March of last year, which is when Lily’s story begins.

My husband was out of town on business when I said goodbye to Rassa, so a friend came to stay with me. We stayed active, and during a day trip, she suggested that we stop by the SPCA. I told her I was not ready. The next day she suggested the same thing, and remembering a spring day 17 years earlier, I decided to go, but under no circumstances would I adopt an animal.

The Richmond SPCA is absolutely wonderful.  There are two huge cat playrooms with large tunnels and hiding spaces and, for the more reserved kitties, large, private condos. I walked past Lily twice, thinking what a beautiful cat she was. A predominantly white calico with one blue and one green eye, Lily seemed rather interested in me.  My mom had calico cats and they definitely had a fair share of “cattitude,” so I kept going.

My friend said she’d found the perfect cat for me. Thinking, “yeah, yeah, sure,” and feeling a bit guilty, I agreed to meet this perfect cat. Of course, Lily came prancing into the room. She walked right over to me, jumped in my lap and gave me a healthy head butt in the face. She looked me square in the face and sat down in my lap.

Two hours later, Lily and I were headed home.   

She’s been with us for exactly a year, and has “adopted” two other rescue cats as her babies.  I couldn’t imagine life with another cat a year ago, and now I can’t imagine my life without Lily.

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Becca, I know how you feel. I lost my special forever cat Picasso two years ago after a four year battle with CRF, and my heart was broken. Five days later after going "just to look" I brought home my beautiful shelter cat Mia - since she wouldn't let me put her down, I decided I had to bring her home since she picked me. I will always love and never forget my dear friend Picasso, but Mia is my new special friend!


I loved hearing your story. I had 2 cats and just lost the one to small cell lymphoma as she was 14. We adopted our first cat Lilly a year before and she is 15 now and still the love of our lives. She has hyperthyroidism but we treat her with medication every day and seems to be doing ok for now. If something happens to her it would be hard to think about adopting another cat.

Linda Larnerd

We have 2 adopted kitties and they are a real part of our lives. After having 3 "regular" kitties, which have all passed over the Rainbow Bridge, these 2 brothers are a real treat, not having to introduce them made them all that more pleasurable!


A beautiful, heartwarming story. I agree that the Richmond SPCA is a wonderful place. We adopted a beagle from there and they helped microchip our cates.


I know just how you feel about your cat. I had a cat that was killed about 3 years ago and it tore me apart. Then my girlfriend at the time went online to an animal shelter/hospital that had two abadoned kittens. I went there and immediately scooped them up and brought them home. And just like you Becca, I can't imagine life without them. Their names are Samuel and Isis. I don't let them out AT ALL! I can't risk happening to them what happened to Phoenix, the one that was killed by a car. I dug a little gtave for her near my bungalow, and even though it's been 3 years I still pay homage to her. Glad you're happy!

Andrew W. Matheson

Sat., March 9th, 13, 21:45 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi All,
Bless the Beasts and the Children - So Sang the Carpenturs 40 Years Ago. These Cats are the Property of the "Great One". Its Our Respnsibility to Give the Best "For Ever Homes" We Can, for The "Great One" Will Truly Bless Us, and His Children - Cats/Dogs etc. Will B Blessed as Well.
I Have a Cattitude Attitude. I Have a Loving Child 7 Yrs Old. He is My Pride and Joy.



Patrick Oliver

Congratulations Lily!

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