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Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 3:00pm
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Becca Adams shared the following story with us about meeting her beloved feline companion Lily at a time when she least expected to adopt a cat.

The story of Lily actually begins 18 years ago, when I met the first love of my life at the SPCA in Virginia Beach, Virginia: a domestic shorthaired cat named Rassa.  For 17 happy years, Rassa was my companion, partner in crime and best friend.  He was diagnosed with cancer in December 2011. We discussed our options with the vet, and decided to make him comfortable for as long as he maintained his quality of life. Never one to enjoy a change of scenery, he seemed to agree. Rassa left us in March of last year, which is when Lily’s story begins.

My husband was out of town on business when I said goodbye to Rassa, so a friend came to stay with me. We stayed active, and during a day trip, she suggested that we stop by the SPCA. I told her I was not ready. The next day she suggested the same thing, and remembering a spring day 17 years earlier, I decided to go, but under no circumstances would I adopt an animal.

The Richmond SPCA is absolutely wonderful.  There are two huge cat playrooms with large tunnels and hiding spaces and, for the more reserved kitties, large, private condos. I walked past Lily twice, thinking what a beautiful cat she was. A predominantly white calico with one blue and one green eye, Lily seemed rather interested in me.  My mom had calico cats and they definitely had a fair share of “cattitude,” so I kept going.

My friend said she’d found the perfect cat for me. Thinking, “yeah, yeah, sure,” and feeling a bit guilty, I agreed to meet this perfect cat. Of course, Lily came prancing into the room. She walked right over to me, jumped in my lap and gave me a healthy head butt in the face. She looked me square in the face and sat down in my lap.

Two hours later, Lily and I were headed home.   

She’s been with us for exactly a year, and has “adopted” two other rescue cats as her babies.  I couldn’t imagine life with another cat a year ago, and now I can’t imagine my life without Lily.

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I Heart Calicos.

Coralie DeWald

How beautiful! i have had a soft spot for the dark striped tabbies, and of course, Calicos and Torties, (with their respective 'Cattude" and :Torti-tude." So true, and so endearing.
I have at present three rescue sisters, one lovely Calico, and two Torties--one of whom is my feline soul mate. They do have cattitude, but that makes living with them so interesting. Bless you for being picked by Lily--they do let you know that you are important, and you were smart enough to listen to her, and look what a great relationship. I love my rescues, and you are another who was rescued, like I was!!


I am happy Lilly found her furever home with Becca. I hope the two of you have a long and happy life together.

Dennis From San...

Hello from San Francisco -
Read your story, and can't think of anything wise or clever to add, except to say that Lily is just gorgeous, and the 2 of you are so lucky to found one another. Putting our beloved pals to sleep when they are suffering is the hardest thing; and every time it happens it's the 1st time. I just try to remember that it's the price for all the wonderful years of love & fun they give us. And they ask for so little in return. I wish you & Lily many, many years of happiness together!

Julie Q

We lasted ten days after the loss of our beloved Maggie who was 21. We rescued Soufy as a kitten. She just turned 18 and is the boss of the house! I don't think our kitty friends would find it's "disloyal" to adopt another cat soon after they leave us. It is because we love cats so much that we need one to rescue us!

Lily is not only beautiful but smart because head butts are the best! >^..^<

Well I have a different rescue story. I live in California and work in Sylmar. For about a week a Tortoiseshell cat kept walking into my office where I sit at the front desk and she would walk around to me and meow and walk away and out the door she would go. She was sleeping in a storage unit next to our front door, one of our clients who happens to carry cat food on her gave me some so we feed the little kitty along with a bowl of water, finally I was able to trick her into coming all the way out caught her and put her in my car which was close and the door was open so we can get in quickly. My daughter named her “Minka” and she has been with us for 1 yr and 5 months. She is a love and loves lots of attention and makes bread.

Tina Sibbitt

Congrats on the new housemate and condolences on the loss of Rassa from another cathouse! My 17 year old Neewah now has only some teeth on the bottom, but I hope he sticks around awhile longer. Lilly is so pretty, and I love those eyes!

James Abbott

Lily is so lovely. My condolences on your loss of Rassa. I lost my sweet "Lance" due to abdominal melanoma. He was in pain, couldn't eat or drink, and I had to do the inevitable. I held him in my arms loving and kissing him as he was put to sleep. He was my second loss in three years. I now have a lovely Calico I named
"Calli" who is the joy of my life. She knocks over, packs off and
walks over everything that isn't nailed down, but she is the love of my life. Jim


I also have a Lily that I got from the HSUS shelter after my Siamese got lost - a domestic shorhair, lovely silver gray and white fur with beautiful pale green eyes. She also chose me (interesting how that happens) and she's been such a wonderful kitty - I just can't imagine life without her, even though I also have another kitty (15 years now) - a Calico-Tortie mix with a HUGE attitude. They balance each other very well.


Lily is a beautiful kitteh, and I'm so happy that she found you!!!