Let It Snow All Year Round—Adopt a Snowball!

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 4:15pm
white cat

Is it snowing by you? Well, you could have snow all year long by adopting one of our furry snowballs! These frosty white pets promise cozier snuggles than a snowman and are guaranteed to keep you toasty on cold winter’s night. Check out their cute photos now! And remember, even if you can’t adopt a new pet today, you can help find these cuties a home by sharing their photos on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Are you already the proud parent of an adopted or rescued snowball? Let us know by commenting below!

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Again I would like to know how much these snowballs cost so email me thank you bye.


Dose it cost money to adopt on?


I was wondering if snowball is still up for adoption?


how much to buy?

Hailie Nicholson

I feel so bad that these animals have to go through this and I hate how the people be so mean to these animals even if they do nothing wrong it's just not right and they should not ever be able to have a animal if they are just gonna beat them and kill them.

shelby Letson

hi agian its shelby from school right now in history class and i was thinking about getting one but i have 3 dogs 1 cat 3 fish.
dogs=Sadie Roxanne Daisy.
Fish=Nelly Norry Blackberry.
thats all my pets and iwanted another cat for Zoe but we have anough,plus Zoe loves playing with Daisy but just asking for the curiosity how much does a snowball cost they are ADORABLE!!!!!!

Amanda Oswalt

I have a white cat with blue eyes. She and her sisters were left in a dumpster. Thankfully they were all adopted including my Chloe. She is now four years old and has been a true blessing!


we adopted a snowball called Muffin he is 1 year old the most beautiful loving cat, I told my husband Muffin is the best gift he's ever given me. We also have 2 adopted dogs they are awesome

Diane L Dully

I wish I had space for another kitty . She is so adorable I praying she gets a loving home . Any Family would be lucky to have such a beautie in their home .


i had a dog for 15 yrs and he died on my lap.and my friend brought 4 cats i was going to stay with 1.she was pretty like garfile i take her and he was left with 3.but them something happen there was a white and black one he look at me with those green eyes and guess what i ended with 2 cats.sinces i have them 12 years and they are my life my everything.i name them nena.physco god bless me with them.