Let Cupid Be a Part of Your Valentine’s Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 5:30pm

Her name is Cupid, and there’s a reason: This Bulldog mix lady is all about love—sharing it, spreading it and sopping it up.

She’s a goofy, affectionate joy of a dog with so much to recommend her! She knows all kinds of commands, has excellent leash manners, can entertain herself quietly when you’re busy, comes housebroken and crate-trained and lives to snuggle. She has enough energy to play with you or go for a run with you, but not so much that she can’t enjoy a lazy evening by your side watching Netflix.

And yet, as Valentine’s Day approaches—her second in a row at the ASPCA—Cupid still lacks someone to call her own. Can you help?

Staff at the ASPCA Adoption Center make sure to give Cupid as much of the love she craves as possible, but we know she’d prefer a family. She’s gone without a special person for so long…perhaps her entire life.

In fact it was a Humane Law Enforcement Agent who brought Cupid to the ASPCA more than 14 months ago. She was so sick then, but our vets brought her back to the pink of health through treatments including eye surgery, dental surgery, a double mastectomy and daily medication for her creaky joints.

Through it all she was so brave, taking medicine without a complaint, happy to get the care she so desperately needed and to finally feel OK again.

In October, an ASPCA volunteer named Kathleen took Cupid home for a night, and we learned that she’s quiet as a mouse in an apartment.

But in the Adoption Center, she barks at passersby—and we think this might be why it’s taking her so long to find a home. It’s a real shame since it’s not indicative of her “real life” behavior. We think she’s just saying, “Take me home! It’s my turn!”

And you know what? It is her turn to go home.  Are you out there, Cupid’s family? Maybe it’s you, or maybe it’s someone you know. She’d like to be an only dog in a 12-and-up home. Please don’t let her spend another Valentine’s Day alone!

Please share Cupid with your social networks. If you can’t take Cupid home, consider helping her and others like her by becoming an ASPCA member.