Learn the Truth About Chicken

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 11:00am
Learn the Truth About Chicken

The ASPCA is excited to announce the launch of a new farm animal campaign focusing on the plight of chickens raised for meat (often called “broiler” chickens). Roughly 8.5 billion chickens are raised in the U.S. annually, most on squalid factory farms where there is no government oversight of their treatment.

The issue is not just the treatment of chickens, though: it’s that modern chickens are selectively bred to grow so large, so fast, that they struggle to simply move or stand.

Today’s chickens are bred to have such massive and disproportionate bodies that they often collapse and spend most of their lives lying helplessly in their own waste. Many have open wounds, which act as gateways to infections that can be passed on to people. Don't be fooled: Most chickens who wind up on American dinner plates bear no resemblance to the healthy-looking, active birds you may have been led to expect.

The ASPCA is calling on the chicken industry to do better—but to make sure they’re paying attention, we need to show them that people like you care about how chickens are raised, too.

Visit to learn more, then add your voice to the chorus of concerned Americans asking the chicken industry to change its inhumane practices.

By insisting on slower-growing chickens and better conditions, we can reduce suffering and raise healthier birds who may be less likely to spread dangerous infections like salmonella. But to get the chicken industry to move in the right direction, they need to see that people like you are paying attention—and counting on the industry to do what’s right for chickens and consumers.

We need you on our side: Please tell the chicken industry it’s time for slower-growing chickens raised in safer, more humane conditions. Speak out today by adding your name to our Truth About Chicken petition.

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country girl

I raise my own chickens for my needs. Yes some FActory farms probably stack them in. Support your local 4-H/FFA kids at their county fairs. yes you may spend more $$$$$ but I assure you, you are getting quality product.

Susan G

...and therein lies part of the problem. Calling and referring to living, breathing, and feeling creatures "quality PRODUCT."

C. Brissenden

This makes me sooo sick to think there are people who would allow this
practice on there watch. Even more terrible is the person who is directly responsible

Dyan Merick

What about the hatcheries that throw live male chicks into a grinder? Only females count here to fatten up for sale.

RoseMarie Gener...

The chicken industry, 99%, has been known for years to be the greediest of all the meat businesses...therefore, the most inhumane. It is this disgusting cruelty that causes the filthy environment, which in turn causes sickness to both the chickens and the humans who eat them; not to mention the unsafe working conditions for its employees.


Well what about the latest news about sending our chickens to china to process all our chicken nuggets there. Good luck!! you know what we will be getting back or do we?

Neil Carlson

Respect your food! It will taste better too.

susan rudnicki

ASPCA fails to mention the salient fact in this growth cycle and which the woman from Georgia must know---broiler fryers are designed to go from fluffy chick to slaughter in SIX WEEKS. Ask yourself how can any organism put on weight at that rate in such a short time and not be considered a freak of nature? Bioengineering of this sort is simply a economy of scale, profit driven model ---maximize money at the expense of any sensible humane considerations. That is BS about these corporate contract growers for Tyson, et al being the "salt of earth" ---a bucolic, sentimental image from another era.


Most farmers real love is the money they make from their animals whether cows,pigs, sheep or chickens. They want the most money for the least work and how animals suffer is of little consequence to them. As someone who lives in a farming community I see what goes on and hate it.


The world was shocked when Allied troops entered Germany and saw the carnage at the concentration camps. But it is alright when we do the same thing to animals. There is something wrong here and these low life's better call not call themselves Christians, the Devil has a place for them in hell.