Learn the Truth About Chicken

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 11:00am
Learn the Truth About Chicken

The ASPCA is excited to announce the launch of a new farm animal campaign focusing on the plight of chickens raised for meat (often called “broiler” chickens). Roughly 8.5 billion chickens are raised in the U.S. annually, most on squalid factory farms where there is no government oversight of their treatment.

The issue is not just the treatment of chickens, though: it’s that modern chickens are selectively bred to grow so large, so fast, that they struggle to simply move or stand.

Today’s chickens are bred to have such massive and disproportionate bodies that they often collapse and spend most of their lives lying helplessly in their own waste. Many have open wounds, which act as gateways to infections that can be passed on to people. Don't be fooled: Most chickens who wind up on American dinner plates bear no resemblance to the healthy-looking, active birds you may have been led to expect.

The ASPCA is calling on the chicken industry to do better—but to make sure they’re paying attention, we need to show them that people like you care about how chickens are raised, too.

Visit to learn more, then add your voice to the chorus of concerned Americans asking the chicken industry to change its inhumane practices.

By insisting on slower-growing chickens and better conditions, we can reduce suffering and raise healthier birds who may be less likely to spread dangerous infections like salmonella. But to get the chicken industry to move in the right direction, they need to see that people like you are paying attention—and counting on the industry to do what’s right for chickens and consumers.

We need you on our side: Please tell the chicken industry it’s time for slower-growing chickens raised in safer, more humane conditions. Speak out today by adding your name to our Truth About Chicken petition.

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Oh my gosh -- ground up alive?


The most hearthbreaking thing was to watch under cover vidoes where the baby chicks were ground up alive.....I will NEVER, EVER support that industry. We are so inhumane.

joanne denison

the problem is the consumer, not the industry. buy local, and from an organic farmer or raise them in your backyard yourself!
If you don't like to butcher them, send them on to many of the out of work butchers put out by these massive plants.
marketing tells us to buy from big corporations, but buying small and local is just fine, thank you. you can meet the farmer and make sure the farmer isn't using dangerous chemicals.
we need to take back the family farm.



Richard Crooks

I hardly ever buy chicken because they are not even close to natural, or taste like real chickens. They are bread and feed to make them bigger and to hell with anything else.

LI Mom

Unfortunately, when people don't come together on these issues animals lose. Naysayers are so disheartening as the whole reason why this organization exists is for the protection and welfare of vulnerable beings on this earth that do not have a voice, ASPCA is their voice. The humans have all the power over these animals, and there needs to be accountability and consciousness of what is going on, otherwise all who abuse and have no morale value will be free to act as they please. It is so important to support this mission not hinder it! For those who do eat chicken, I think it would be helpful for this site to post humane farmers/brands so purchasers can support their efforts and take away from the others who are not humane....people respond when it hits them in the pocketbook....when all else is of no concern.


Sharon needs to learn how to spell!! If Georgia has such wonderful chicken farms then they should applaud the fact that controls need to be in place to raise the standard throughout the country.

patricia mc cain

I personally know this is very true. I rescued a chicken on the highway near a processing plant, had fallen off a truck. It did not know how to walk. Took to my farm, after a long time, my chickens taught it to walk. But it grew and grew, breast got huge, died a slow death. Rescued another, gave to a friend hoping for better luck, but the same thing happened, it grew abnormal, stopped breathing.

Susan G

Don't eat chicken. At the end of the day they're all slaughtered...ya know as in dead...forever.
The most humane act you can ever do is to not eat them at all.

country girl

I raise my own chickens for my needs. Yes some FActory farms probably stack them in. Support your local 4-H/FFA kids at their county fairs. yes you may spend more $$$$$ but I assure you, you are getting quality product.