Large Dogs Rock! Even Apartment Dwellers Can Adopt Larger Breed Dogs

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 3:45pm

In New York City’s parks, you’ll see pet parents walking dogs of all shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny to extra large. And, while it might be hard to imagine larger breed dogs residing in small apartments, the truth is that super-sized pups can live perfectly happy and healthy lives as city dwellers.

Pamela Barlow, a Behavior Counselor at the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan, says the key to cohabitating with a large dog in a small space is to provide your dog with plenty of exercise.

Now that spring is finally here, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors. Large dogs can make great running partners, and provide motivation to hit the trail regularly for a vigorous run or walk.

This spring, please consider adopting a large breed dog from your local shelter—even if your home is on the small end of the spectrum. Check out our slideshow below of adorable large dogs available for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center, including the super-playful Romeo, sweetheart Baby, and the very friendly Ghost—just to name a few!

Not in NYC? Use our shelter finder to search for adoptable dogs near you.

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mary lukowski

I love Pittys. they are so much fun and such a good doggie. smart and loyal. I love them. I met three at different times and all they did was kiss me and wack me with their tails. great doggies and I HATE dog fighting. Hate


Love them all


People can learn a lot from pitties--especially about love and forgiveness...


Pit bulls are great dogs. I just wish that the ASPCA would post pictures and mugshots of dog fighting suspects on their websites. It is not right to gift them with anonymity.


You are absolutely right Ryan. It's unthinkable that cruel exploitive people can just slink away without any responsibility for their hideous actions. I'm certain that exposure to society would stop some but it might drive others farther underground. As a society, we need to be vigilant.


I have had 2 med large dogs (60 lbs & 55 lbs) & they both grew up nicely in my one bedroom apt. I walk them daily NO EXCEPTIONS, but they have always been happy here. It isn't the size of the home but the care of the owner. <3

The Pink Pig

Absolutely! Agreed - you have a wonderful heart!

Kylia Glenn

I want Romeo. He seems to loved by these people.