Kookie the Closeted Extrovert

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 2:30pm
Black and white cat lounging on couch

In their childhood homes, Anastasia A. and her husband always had cats and dogs around. After moving from Italy to New York City, they decided it was time to add a furry friend to their family once again.

They first adopted Susi, a cat Anastasia says quickly became “queen of the house.” Two years later, they decided it was time to find Susi a companion. They visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan and settled on a quiet, black-and-white kitty named Kookie.

“The adoption process was nice and easy,” Anastasia says. “You get to see and spend time with a lot of cats, but in a smart way, thanks to the questionnaire they give you at the beginning.”

Anastasia hoped Kookie would be the perfect match for Susi, and although she turned out to be a bit more active than Anastasia expected, the two felines hit it off.

“We were worried about Susi not liking Kookie, but thanks to all the advice they gave us at the Adoption Center, it worked out more than fine,” Anastasia says. “They started to sleep and spend time together. The cats play a lot, and it is a good workout for Susi!”

Kookie, who was a victim of High-Rise Syndrome when she came to the ASPCA, has made a smooth and peaceful transition into Anastasia’s home and family.

“I like the ASPCA because I like the idea of giving a second chance to all the dogs and cats there, and you can see how much people there care about them,” Anastasia says.

Black and white kitten relaxing on rug

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