Joplin: One Year Later

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 10:00am

Who could ever forget that tragic day? It was just one year ago that a massive tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri, killing more than 150 people and reducing a once thriving town to rubble.

Amid the deadly chaos, more than 1,000 beloved pets went missing. It took less than a moment before Tim Rickey, ASPCA Senior Director of Field Investigations and Response and a Joplin native himself, deployed his team to help. What followed was the largest animal rescue and sheltering mission we have ever undertaken.

With your support, we rescued hundreds of stranded and injured animals. We built an emergency shelter and managed a medical triage station. We provided food, comfort and love to frightened animals. And, most important, we reunited hundreds of beloved pets with their families.

We won't lie—it was hard. Our team worked long hours and saw tremendous heartbreak. But through our efforts, we also saw tremendous joy. Together we changed the lives of hundreds of animals and helped a community recover its incredible spirit. 

Without you, we never could have helped so many animal and human victims of the Joplin tornado. Please help us stand at the ready to respond whenever and wherever we are needed.