Join Us Tonight for the #RedCarpetCat Emmy Twitter Party!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 10:30am

Fan of the Emmys? So are we! Tonight we’ll be joining Gracey the Tiniest Tiger as she hosts the popular Red Carpet Cat Academy Award Twitter Party LIVE from Hollywood. Simply follow #RedCarpetCat on Twitter to mingle with the stars as Gracey tweets photos from our special pre-emmy gifting suite.

But that’s not all! While Gracey is rubbing paws with animal-loving celebs, Event Barkers will keep the Twitter party moving with fun trivia questions and swag bag giveaways every 10 minutes—these are the very same gifts celebrities will be receiving at the Red Carpet Lounge Gifting Suite in Beverly Hills.

Join us tonight, September 19, from 8:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (EDT). What are you waiting for? RSVP for the #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party!

See you there!

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Michael Jarboe

My name is Michael Jarboe,

On a flight from Miami to San Francisco two weeks ago, United killed my two and a half year old mastiff. United/Continental has the best reviewed "Pet Safe" program that guarantees your pet will remain in an air conditioned cargo area or van when transported to and from the plane. Last to board, first to come off and taken to a climate controlled cargo area.

We had a layover in Houston where it was well over 100 degrees on the tarmac. We were told the other vans were "busy" so our mastiff was unloaded and set outside "under the wing in the shade" until a baggage cart could pick him up, then transferred to a holding area that did not have a/c (THAT we find out is only if your layover is over 4 hours) but only cross ventilation from open doors and some fans, then two and half hours later transported back outside on a luggage cart.

We could see him from inside the plane as they loaded him. I'm from Miami and I have NEVER seen him as hot as he was. I had even tried to take a picture so I could raise hell when we landed because he wasn't in the van but had already turned off my phone. He was dead on arrival in San Francisco.

This was our third flight. Every flight when they did as promised was great. Had we know there was even the slightest chance he would be subjected to the heat we would have never flown. The woman kept saying "but the other vans were busy..." So you guarantee 100% a/c....except when it suits you not to? NEVER were we told that. Not once. 100% a/c at all times. That IS their program. Because of the heat differential, no other airline would have allowed us to fly. They even tell you no certificate of acclimation is required, because they don't need it. Because your pet will always be in a/c.

Except when it's not.

Unless it's an absolute emergency DO NOT fly your pet. Once they leave your site the chances are they will be treated just like a piece of luggage. We were offered payment of the autopsy they required, his cremation and some travel vouchers to fly United! Oh, and the $250 for his crate that they somehow cracked somewhere. I have now learned, sadly, that is actually a very common and that the Humane Society is working to get Congress to strengthen the rules. We were promised over and over and over that he would at all times be in the a/c. Their website, the booking agents, the promotional recording, when we dropped him off....all guarantees a/c at all times. Unless they're busy and there's a heat wave. Then all bets are off, have a voucher.

My rights are for that of a piece of luggage.

I've now been researching deeper and what I'm finding his amazing. Horrific. Hundreds of pets dead or missing. The airlines don't even have to report deaths of the animals come from breeders to the government. The People need to know. Something needs to change. I thought I did everything right. Promise after promise and then, sorry. It's not right. They aren't just luggage. To United he might have been "just a dog," but he was my best friend. Not even three. And a good boy.

Everyone should know that regardless of what you are told, once you give your pet up you run the same risk ask your luggage, lost, stolen or destroyed. Unless it's an absolute emergency DO NOT trust your pet to the airlines. He trusted me to get into the crate, I trusted the airline to do as they promised. They'll never remember us, I'll never forget.

Thank You,
Michael Jarboe and BamBam