Join Our Fight Against Anti-Whistleblower "Ag-Gag" Laws

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 10:45am
Little white lamb

You may have heard a lot of talk about Idaho recently, and it’s no small potatoes. Idaho’s governor, C.L. “Butch” Otter, recently signed into law a controversial anti-whistleblower “ag-gag” bill that punishes those who expose abusive conditions on factory farms. Though Governor Otter claims this law will keep agriculture producers “secure in their property,” we, and countless others concerned about the welfare of animals, are extremely concerned about the greater implications of ag-gag.

In passing this bill, Idaho became the seventh state to enact an ag-gag law. By effectively closing out journalists, investigators, and even the general public from animal production facilities, the agribusiness industry can continue to keep consumers in the dark about where their food is coming from.

We have seen countless instances of abuse on industrial farms, including the recent case of a Wisconsin dairy farm that produces cheese for the frozen pizza brand DiGiorno. Undercover footage taken by Mercy For Animals caught workers at this farm viciously kicking, stabbing, beating, and dragging cows, and the footage led to 11 charges of criminal animal cruelty. Without such footage, we may never have known of these horrors, and because of ag-gag laws, we may never learn of countless other, similar instances.

Sadly, these bills are popping up everywhere, and we’re up against a mighty opponent. We, and the animals, need your help to make sure that no more of these bills, or any others that imperil the lives of animals, pass into law.


For the animals, for the safety of our nation’s food supply, and for the health of you and your family, please stand with us today.

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I can't believe there's a law to protect abusers of animals. What? Is there a law to protect child abusers too? Anyone who abuses innocents needs to be prosecuted (and when they die they need to go straight to hades).

Animal Lover

well, consider the facts here Pam. Think of all the innocent unborn children who are aborted and killed in their mom's womb's.
And think of all the innocent defenseless dogs and cats which are forced to be sterilized when they're young puppies or kittens too.
I don't like how this country is treating innocent citizens or innocent animals at all anymore. They're being abusive to defenseless kids and animals and they think it's "fine"!
What's so fine about it? To think they wanted us to start killing Horses, when they were our main transportation for several centuries isn't fair at all, in my opinion.
Meanwhile, though, they're sticking up for deer who are actually causing Deaths of many people and can cause deaths of animals with Lyme Disease, which the Deer often carry that Disease.
I do think they need to start hunting Deer a lot more than they're doing now. The deer often run into people's yard, eat all their gardens, vegetables, run across the streets and run into cars also.
If you driving your car with your dog inside it, or your cat, and a Deer runs into your car, your animals could easily be killed because deer are dangerous animals to have run into someone's vehicle, even into truck.


It is quite obvious that the world population has almost no say in what happens with the food we need to survive, the energy we need to use, the economic reality most of us live with. There are pockets all over the world that are allowing the senseless and cruel treatment of animals for all reasons that are criminal. From poachers killing elephants and rhinos to get money, sold to religious zealots to make money from the buyers in Asia to pay for their "war", to the endless and reckless building of palm oil plantations to the extinction of the orangutan and tropical rainforest biodiversity, to the clubbing and poisoning of dogs worldlwide, the reckless killings of whales, tuna and sharks for the endless Asian appetites, the eating of horse, dog, cat, the "farming" of wild fur-bearing animals for their skin for a fur coat, the stupid and irresponsible trapping of the wildlife of the world while trying to kill "predators" (to the detriment of wildlife biodiversity), the battery cages forcing pigs to live in misery for 5 years, unable to move or even be alive. I could go on with examples. I'm disgusted with everyone slinging names back and forth. This is an INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE TO CHANGE THE LACKING MORAL, SPIRITUAL AND PERSONAL CONDUCT OF INDIVIDUALS, CORPORATIONS AND POLITICALLY POWERFUL CRIMINALS!!! Please, remember this is about the voiceless. These animals - ALL OF THEM - have souls, inner light and a right to live without being treated like rows of corn we harvest. Take your demands to the voting booth, the streets and right into the movement to change the way the world treats the animals who share this planet with us.


along with dumbing down of our kids, thanks to public mal-education, it seems we have grown more and more barbaric, allowing the rednecks to run loose, annihilating critical species in the wild and finding pleasure in the torture of slaughter houses...


Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter obviously caved to the special interests groups involved and the big money they threw at him. He is after all, a rancher who only sees $ when he looks at an animal. Hopefully, this will be Otter's last term as governor after signing this ridiculous bill into law. Seven states now have MORANS as Governors! SHAME on you all, and, hopefully, you will all be looking for new jobs when your terms are up in your states. Unlike you POWERFUL POLITICIANS, and FACTORY FARMERS, animals have NO choice and NO voice. May the animal lovers in this country bring both you politicians and factory farmers down and out!


Just stop eating meat! It is that simple. If you eat meat you are part of the problem. We eat WAY too much meat every meal every day. What do think these farms will do? Stop shopping at Costco!

ina T.

Let's vote with our wallet to protect the innocent animals and punish the sick +greedy people and their puppet politicians: stop buying Idaho potatoes and any of their food products: let's hit them in the pocket, the only thing they care about!
I sign all the petitions and email our senators, but equally strong message is to boycott Idaho products. I will

stewart parks

It is hard to believe that elected officials will put their stamp of approval on cruelties inflicted on farmed animals. We as Americans or just good citizens have the right to
report on any type of cruelties going on each and everyday. It is our bounden duty and I would never adhere to that law. Imagine a cruelty law being passed in the United States of America. Who are those people? They are obviously void of a conscience. Maybe their wallets are being fattened up and it is clouding their better judgement. You think......! Keep up the fight against cruelties. Fight for those who are helpless!!!!!


It is an unspeakable act of cowardice and self-interest to pass these laws. I am willing to boycott any and all products produced in any way from states with ag-gag laws. There is nothing I need badly enough that an alternative from a state that defeated its ag-gag laws won't suffice. And if no alternative, do not need period. It would be great to know how to avoid products from these states.

Gina Bonanno-Lemos

As long as humans eat animals, the abuse will never end! In addition, the USDA is NOT here to protect consumers. That is a misconception that Americans have. The USDA was created to promote the meat and dairy industry, and help them sell more of their product. I gave up almost all animal products at the beginning of 2013 and have never been healthier or had more energy in my life. If consumers demand it, Big Ag will supply it in the cheapest, fastest way possible, which means that animals will forever be treated as a "commodity", not as living, feeling creatures! And they will be stuffed with inexpensive GMO grains that end up giving all of us cancer and other diseases!