Join Our Fight Against Anti-Whistleblower "Ag-Gag" Laws

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 10:45am
Little white lamb

You may have heard a lot of talk about Idaho recently, and it’s no small potatoes. Idaho’s governor, C.L. “Butch” Otter, recently signed into law a controversial anti-whistleblower “ag-gag” bill that punishes those who expose abusive conditions on factory farms. Though Governor Otter claims this law will keep agriculture producers “secure in their property,” we, and countless others concerned about the welfare of animals, are extremely concerned about the greater implications of ag-gag.

In passing this bill, Idaho became the seventh state to enact an ag-gag law. By effectively closing out journalists, investigators, and even the general public from animal production facilities, the agribusiness industry can continue to keep consumers in the dark about where their food is coming from.

We have seen countless instances of abuse on industrial farms, including the recent case of a Wisconsin dairy farm that produces cheese for the frozen pizza brand DiGiorno. Undercover footage taken by Mercy For Animals caught workers at this farm viciously kicking, stabbing, beating, and dragging cows, and the footage led to 11 charges of criminal animal cruelty. Without such footage, we may never have known of these horrors, and because of ag-gag laws, we may never learn of countless other, similar instances.

Sadly, these bills are popping up everywhere, and we’re up against a mighty opponent. We, and the animals, need your help to make sure that no more of these bills, or any others that imperil the lives of animals, pass into law.


For the animals, for the safety of our nation’s food supply, and for the health of you and your family, please stand with us today.

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Lynn Jennings

When you sign a bill into law that allows animal cruelty, you are telling the American people that you don't care about animals. These creatures feel pain and have no voice now to protect them. This is a huge step backward. You should be ashamed of what you have done. This is just evil.

DG Sifuentes

Hit them where it hurts the most, the pocketbook. I have done my part in becoming a Vegan and although it may be an extremely small loss of revenue for dairy farms etc, every bit counts. I am also much healthier, dropped extra weight and cholesterol has gone down significantly. Go Vegan

C Hall

Idaho native and I am appalled at this legislation. Certainly not at all surprised the Governor signed it. All who are affiliated with it have Ag $$$ falling out of their pockets! BOYCOTT ALL IDAHO PRODUCTS - STARTING WITH POTATOES!! Please!!!


Under the 'Freedom of Information Act', you can get a list of Representatives who voted for this Ag-gag bill. Then campaign like hell to vote them out of office. Make Idaho an Animal Friendly State and make the killing of food animals humane. YOU have control of these animals fate. PLEASE don't take this lightly - their Voice MUST be Heard!!!


It's disgusting! People who abuse animals also abuse humans! Butch must be an abuser! Or he's getting paid off! Somebody should check to see if he abuses his family!

Can anyone tell me what other states have this law?


What is going to be next? Soon the natural food chain is going to be wiped out. They have tried with wolves that resulted in an overpopulation of deer that lead to sick and dying animals, grass lands stripped down to dirt. If we allow these laws to continue, what is next? Selling our beloved house pets to Europe for dog/catburgers? People who are cruel to aniamls can't be trusted as far as I am concerned. If a person skins a puppy or cat alive, what would that person do to a small child? A small fine and slap on the hand with "Don't do that again!" is not going to teach a lesson. The defenseless need to be protected. That goes for children, dogs, cats and horses.


This is why I am a vegetarian ~ I respect all animals and loathe humans who abuse/disrespect them ~ these abusers will rot in hell - ignorant, stupid people!


Please post any information you have that would help me go get involved now and donate my time since at the moment I cannot make a cash donation. I went on Mercy for Animals website from article above & not sure if they'd want me since i don't adhere to a strickly vegan diet (yet)..but I am absolutely willing to campaign, in my area. keep up the noble fight~


They just passed the Ag-Gag law here in Idaho by a large majority. How can that be fought? Public education? Ad campaign. It is disheartening to see this happening but it would take a massive undertaking on the order of a political campaign to turn it around in our backward state.


I take action on numerous sights daily in behalf of animal welfare. I am utterly sickened by the endless cruelty and unethical treatment of animals in our country and abroad. Some people will do whatever it takes to make a profit. If it weren't for brave persons who investigate abuses, the public would have no knowledge of what is going on. We must fight against these bills once and for all.