It's Volunteer Appreciation Week: An ASPCA Volunteer Shares Her Story

Friday, April 11, 2014 - 11:15am
ASPCA volunteer Tamara B.'s beloved cat, Gypsy

ASPCA volunteer Tamara B.'s beloved cat, Gypsy (right)

Here at the ASPCA, we’re extremely grateful for the unwavering dedication of our volunteers. In just 18 months, volunteer Tamara B. has accrued more than 700 volunteer hours, assisting with numerous tasks—Hurricane Sandy relief, cat socialization, kitten syringe feeding and adoptions counseling, just to name a few. Tamara shared her story with us:   

When I was asked to share my home with a feisty cat named Gypsy, I had no idea how my life would change or where he would lead me. I didn’t know the term “animal socialization” then, and neither did he—I have the scars to prove it. Through trial and error, we found our way together and formed a loving, inseparable bond.

When Gypsy needed emergency care, I was referred to the ASPCA Animal Hospital. I was so impressed by the assistance and excellent medical care that Gypsy received; I knew I needed to do something to show our appreciation. I couldn’t give a large monetary donation but I could give my time. I applied to become a volunteer.

No matter how busy your schedule, the ASPCA makes it easy for volunteers to make the minimum commitment. Once I began volunteering, I found I wanted to give more of my time. There are many different roles for volunteers, and it’s a great learning experience. I started doing syringe feeding for young kittens that are still learning to eat on their own. No matter how stressful my work day had been, holding those little kittens washed that away. It was so rewarding to feed one of the little kittens, watch it grow a little bigger over time, and, while volunteering as an Adoptions Counselor, help that same kitten find a loving home.

Besides the great animals that I have met at the ASPCA, I have also met many wonderful people—the other volunteers, the staff and the adopters. I am honored to be part of this organization. My family and friends are impressed with my dedication, and Gypsy is proud of me, too.

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