It’s Time to End Walking-Horse Abuse

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 10:45am
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Tennessee Walking Horses desperately need your help. These majestic and gentle-natured creatures are a breed of horse famous for their distinctive, smooth, high-stepping walk. Sadly, a cruel and illegal procedure called “soring” is all too frequently used to elicit an exaggerated movement, called the “big lick,” in order to win prizes at horse shows.

Soring is the gruesome practice of using chemicals and painful devices to injure a horse’s front limbs, making any contact with the ground so painful that the horse quickly jerks up his legs to relieve the pressure. Soring causes such intense pain that its victims often cannot stand for several days afterward.

Although soring was banned nationwide in 1970, inadequate legal penalties and lax enforcement have allowed this cruel practice to continue. A new bill, H.R. 6388, will address these inadequacies by amending the federal Horse Protection Act and improving protections for horses from soring, and we need your help in building support for this critical legislation!

What You Can Do
Please contact your U.S. representative and urge him/her to cosponsor H.R. 6388 and support strong amendments to the Horse Protection Act to better protect horses from soring.

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online right now to contact your U.S. representative in Washington, D.C. There are only a few working days left in this Congress, so time is of the essence!

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Emily Boliver

God put animals on this Earth for us to take care of, not abuse.

kim hart

I am from Tennessee and if these people are that desparate for money or prizes from tortuning their horses they should be ashamed in Gods eyes and put in jail never to own an animal again. Shame on all of them.

Arpineh Mehrabi

This is disgusting! I can't believe the cruelty some people are capable of. We must help these kind, beautiful animals.

Karen August

The golden rule for the animal world. Do unto the noble horse what you would have done unto you. Applies to ALL domestic animals.

Patricia Wicker

This is absolutly Disgusting. I can't believe the things that Mankind is doing to Animals. ALL Animals Horses, Dogs, Cats etc...
It seems to be spreading and getting worse by the day. I am just Heartsick at all the Cruelty that these demented people are doing.

Mary L. Reid

I've seen what this can do and the pain when the horse tries to put it's feet down - all done in the name of getting high leg action - it needs to be stopped.

Lori Schabow

I cannot believe anyone would do this to a horse. Anyone that abuses a horse in this manner should never be able to own, train or show horses again.

cathy castleton

this is disgusting these psychos are no better than the dirt that tortures the australian cattle in indonesia.we hate them++++
this is the practice of a filthy third world country.and this here is in america and it is done for prizes??? be ashamed and be disgusted if you have ever supported the practice and the competition.i find it hard to believe that america has allowed this shocking practice, out it and jail these cruel psychos, and never encourage the practice,showing these horses in this state for competition..what are you thinking?i was shocked to watch this, you need to get america out of the third world state it is becoming with these evil cruel practices, that is so cruel and uneccesary, so sorry for these poor sensitive animlas, horses suffer so much when brutalised.and for competitions?animal cruelty is far too common in america.doesnt that say something?

Michelle Murphy

Please stop this cruel practice, and please bring to justice the abusers.

Patti Brower

I don't understand something, if this was made illegal in 1970 then why can't they just use that law and arrest these guys doing the soring. How do these abusers get away with what they're doing and not get caught. Blaiming the economy and there aren't enough jobs is a poor excuse to do this to any animal. Find a position that creates a real job not animal abuse. WHat in the hell is wrong with society today? The same needs to be done to them and see how they like it. If a worker doesn't have compassion then they have no business being around horses or any animal of some sort. They don't want the job, these people who abuse animals, and I mean all of them are drug addicts and they need a way to supprt their habits. We need to create a law that if anyone works with animals they should make it mandatory to do drug testing and background checks if they've every abused animals or even humans, mainly children. It all starts there. Shame on people like them!!