It’s Puppy Mill Awareness Month—Join Us for a Twitter Chat!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - 1:45pm
two puppies

September is Puppy Mill Awareness Month—and we’re gearing up for a really cool event. With Pet360 and Catster, we’re co-hosting a Puppy Mill Twitter Chat to answer ALL of your puppy mill questions. Where do pet store puppies come from? What really happens to mill dogs when they can no longer breed? Is my dog from a puppy mill?  How can I help?

In addition to spreading awareness, we’ll be giving away lots of really cool loot—like our puppy mill message tee and tote bag! So join us on Wednesday, September 12, from 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. Use hashtag #EndPuppyMills to join the conversation.

See you there!

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pearl cummins

some of the most wonderful pets come from shelters,they deserve a chance,with all the great dogs and cats available at the shelter why would anyone buy a pet from a puppy mill or pet shop?


7-8 in what time zone? EST?

Diane McClure

Why would anyone buy a puppy from a puppy mill they are so mistreated and every Puppy Mill in the US should be closed down by our Federal Officers someone has got to get controll of these Mills so many Dogs and Puppies die each year !! Anyone caught running a puppy mills shouls be Jailed by the Federal and should have to pay for each dog or puupy that was taken from them for any Health problems or Medications that they would need and also Fined a big Fine for each animal !! I'm a dog lover and I can't stand the thing I hear or see so I always turn it over to my GOD and the Police Dept.If I were a JUDGE everyone of the so called humans would get my max !! Please help to stop these PUPPY MILLS and all the other that these poor dogs go through !!


I just would like to put out there if no one buys from these mills what happens to these puppys? I mean are they killed or sold to people that do unspeakable things to them this has always entered my mind. What happens to them?


my mom's cat and believe me when I say he's hers, I feed him and take care of him but he loves her more. Anyways, lately she's been having to spend some nights over at a friends to help them with some things and Parker goes crazy, he tears at the front door, cries for her, and tears at the curtains in our windows trying to find her, and shows and other various signs of stress. When she gets home he's happy and content, I realize he has separation anxiety, he's very attached to her and nothing I do really helps him, got any ideas?

Barbra Letos

There are many puppy mills all across the USA & beyond, and a small portion of them are legitimate busisnesses who do properly care for their animals. But, the fact is, most are just in it for the money and without consciousness of their actions to these defenseless animals. A person does have a right to a pure breed dog and some of these expensive dogs do end up in shelters, like my neglected pure breed lab. I wasn't looking for a pure breed, but his sad eyes just spoke to me after we just lost our mixed breed dog (lab,pit & rot). I was sad, but his eyes spoke of his pain. In truth, I have not or would never buy a dog from a store or puppy mill. There are so many wonderful pets in shelters. The only choice to end puppy mills is to have people aware and speak out to authorities when they know someone is breeding in such terrible conditions. There will always be cruel people. To stop them means to stand up to them.

Donna Wagner

Searching for in advance to finding out more from you afterward!……

brittany thresher

whenever I talk to people about puppy mills...1/5 doesn't even know what a puppy mill is! I strongly believe that there are more people who love and want the best for our innocent furry friends than those who could care spread the word! Majority always wins!

Linda Selzer

Newtonville Pets had been flourishing in it's community for many years. How do we put an end to it? It has a good reputation among the pople in the neighboring area who don't know any better. I know people who bought a so-called "deginer dog" from them, spent a fortune, and brought home a puppy with Girardia. They still don't make the conenction. The dog has a sensitive stomach and can only eat certain things and is only 2 years old, and they still don't make the connection.

Diana Beall

Shameful, disgaceful and damn cruel. The pet shops that deal with puppy mills should be closed down and have to serve jail time. This is animal cruelty and the law is totally against it. Jail all of them. d