It’s Official: New Jersey Bans Horse Slaughter!

Friday, September 21, 2012 - 4:15pm
horse in a pasture

Congratulations, New Jersey—you’ve just become the latest state to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption!

Just shy of his final deadline, Governor Chris Christie signed into law A.2023/S.1976, which is an amazing piece of legislation: Not only does it prevent a horse slaughter plant from opening in the Garden State, it also prohibits the use of state roads to transport live horses intended for slaughter elsewhere!

New Jersey’s highways are a major East Coast artery up to Canada (and Canadian slaughterhouses). Now that horse slaughterers can’t use them, their lives just became more difficult—and we have to admit, we’re pretty happy about that.

Until we succeed in passing a federal law banning both U.S. horse slaughter and the transport of slaughter-bound horses across our borders, it is vital that individual states continue to stand against this horrific practice by passing their own bans. So thank you, New Jersey animal advocates, for fighting until the end to make sure this bill became law! Please take a moment to thank Governor Christie for approving the bill.

Want to help pass strong laws to protect horses from slaughter? Stay informed and make your voice heard as a member of the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade. Sign up for ASPCA Advocacy emails today.

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Thank you .... you are so right. It was worded in a way everyone would be happy. Human consumption not animal so the door is left wide open for horse slaughter for animal consumption. Bravo it the worse place. It reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. These animals suffer. Thank you again for pointing this bill out and the SAFE ACT is worded the same way human consumption. TY


I agree. Nobody has done ANYTHING about Bravo where the horror for horses continue. Many organizations, including high Federal have gone in to investigate this place, but have been unable to shut it down. This man needs to be brought in on abuse charges, but none have ever been able to make it so. It makes you wonder just how deep the pocket and where the corruption truly is!! Governor Christi is not a hero! Shut Bravo down and save all of these poor animals. Sick, sick people-all of them. All of you there are blind.