It’s National Foster Care Month: Highlighting the ASPCA’s Animal Foster Caregivers

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 1:30pm
It’s National Foster Care Month: Highlighting the ASPCA’s Animal Foster Caregivers

Thanks to the ASPCA’s volunteer animal foster caregivers, our Adoption Center staff has the time and shelter space to help thousands of additional animals find loving homes each year.

In conjunction with National Foster Care Month, we’d like to highlight the work of our volunteer foster caregivers, who create “a shelter outside of our shelter” in their homes for thousands of animals who are not quite ready for adoption. Foster caregivers provide these animals with the time and attention they need to prepare to find forever homes.

Laurette O. is a dedicated foster caregiver who has volunteered with the ASPCA for the past three years. In that short time, Laurette has cared for an amazing total of 56 dogs and cats.

“I just love being able to help animals by offering them a warm, quiet place to stay while they heal, such as if an older cat needs hospice or a mother cat needs a place to nurse her kittens,” Laurette says. “I also like helping to socialize kittens and young cats to better their chances of finding forever homes sooner. I enjoy spending time with all of them and getting to know their individual personalities.”

We’re so appreciative of volunteers like Laurette for their time and dedication to animals in need. To read more tales from ASPCA foster volunteers, check out our foster stories page.

If you live in the New York City area and would like to become an ASPCA foster care volunteer, please email [email protected] and visit our foster care page to learn more. 

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My family and I have fostered quite a few cats and kittens for a local rescue over the past 20 years or so. There were two or three which were just too shy to be placed, so we ended up keeping them. Our 2 kids are now out on their own, and have the "foster mentality". They've each rescued a cat, which we've fostered. Our son ended up keeping the one our daughter rescued, and our daughter's friend adopted the cat our son rescued. Our daughter even fostered a pit bull, trained it a little bit, and found a good home for it.


Laurette, you are goodness personified. You give these precious special-needs animals a safe, peaceful, loving home so they may live out their final days or recover from trauma or illness and prepare for a forever home. This is inspiring work. The beautiful dog and cat in the photo look so content in your arms.


We need more people like Laurette in our world. Helping all these dogs and cats and animals is such a huge step in helping end animal cruelty. I plan to foster a dog later on in my life as well!


I love people who foster and rescue. I think I would like to foster. All three of our cats are rescues and we love them dearly. The feeling of rescueing is incredible. Good job.