It's Kitten Season—And We Need Your Help!

Monday, May 9, 2011 - 2:15pm

We’ve all heard of spring, summer, winter and fall, but are you familiar with kitten season? Sounds cute, but this time of year can be devastating for shelters across the country. Every year, between the months of March and November, animal shelters experience a flood of homeless cats and newborn kittens in need of care and fostering.

Becoming a foster parent is a vital way you can make a life-saving difference. Volunteers provide temporary care for pets in their own homes—receiving all necessary food, supplies and veterinary care.

"The more kittens who get into foster homes, the more space there is at the shelter," says Senior Manager of the ASPCA Adoption Center Diane Wilkerson. “By offering your home to a kitten in need, you are saving lives.”

Without loving homes or resources to support the influx of newborn felines, many shelters are often forced to make the difficult choice to euthanize. But you can help. Become a foster parent and ensure that all animals get the loving homes they deserve—we simply can’t do it alone!