It’s Giving Tuesday—What’s Your Plan?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 12:15pm

Sure, Giving Tuesday is a pretty new concept—but we happen to think it’s also a pretty important one. The idea is quite simple: An entire day dedicated to giving back to others and getting to the true roots of the holiday season. After the mega-shopping weekend many of us just had, Giving Tuesday feels like a breath of fresh air. Here are three easy ways you can spend today giving back to animals in need.

Hug a Dog, Cuddle a Cat. Shelters across the country rely on their volunteers to help keep the animals in their care happy—and that includes some serious cuddling. Whether it’s cozying up with a puppy or taking the time to befriend a skittish kitty, a little love goes a long way when you’re a homeless pet. Changing litter boxes, filing paperwork and scooping poop, are a BIG help for shelter staff, too!

Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade. Help us fight to get strong anti-cruelty laws passed on federal, state and local levels as a member of our Advocacy Brigade. When you sign up, we’ll automatically send you important actions you can take. It’s a great way to give back all year long!

Become an ASPCA Guardian. Okay, you kind of knew this ask was coming, but we really hope you’ll consider it. As a non-profit, our team really depends on the small monthly gifts our members provide. They are our backbone. Did we mention you get a really cute calendar and the donation is tax deductible?

Thanks for joining us for Giving Tuesday, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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Samantha Bien

I support any law(s) that protect animals from harm.

Camelia Cocis

Stronger laws for people abusing animals. No-kill shelters only.Educate the public on dog ownership,importance of dog training to ensure safety.

Holly Thomas

I support stricter laws and more severe punishment for animal abusers.


I really hope that people that abuse animal get punishment. It's not fair how these animal that all they want is someone to love and be given love get abused and treated unfair.

Cheryl Ulrich

I've been an ASPCA Guardian Angel since 2006 ... and will probably be my whole life :D


Please support animal shelters. Take pet ownership seriously; if you are not ready for a lifetime commitment, get a stuffed animal. Pets are not to be be disgarded when your life changes or gets challenging.


Desire to help animals

Be an advocate for animals for the ASPCA's efforts, your local shelter, or just speak up when you see something that's not right. There's lots of ways to help and all are appreciated by our furry friends.

Dakotha Jenkins

Dear people of the ASPCA,
I would love to help you with this. My blog and I would love for the ASPCA and to come together and put an end to animal curelity. If you could email me first then I will send you a link to my blog.
thank you so much for your time

Sara Burt

Yes! Be an advocate. I think it is important to be the voice of those who do not have a voice. I have been volunteering at one of my local shelters and I can tell you that I don’t believe I will ever stop. So for “Giving Tuesday” (this might be a more of a Thursday plan because my volunteer days are usually Thursdays) my plan is to hug a dog or cat, I might even scoop some poop if I am lucky. While I think it is important to go to your local shelter in dig your hands in, so to speak, I have become more curious on what I can do on a more legislation level. I believe it is important to know our state laws. How are the laws that are set up protecting our animals? How as a community can we make them better? Advocacy Brigade here I come! No matter what you give; time/love, Advocacy Brigade, or becoming an ASPCA guardian, every little thing you do goes a long way.