It’s Confirmed: Michael Vick Has a New Dog

Friday, October 12, 2012 - 5:45pm

It’s confirmed: Michael Vick has a new dog. To truly become a model of the type of behavior Vick wishes to teach his children—that animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect—Vick should take the opportunity to “break the cycle” and “be an instrument of positive change” by expressing remorse about the dogs he brutalized and killed with his own hands. This is something that we’ve never heard him do publically.

Because of this, we have serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet owner. We can only hope that he will set the right example for his children by teaching them to foster humane habits and a lifelong bond with their family pet. 

What’s your opinion?

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I think that even though Mr. Vick apologized for the evil that was once inside him, I dont think he should be able to own another dog. Changed man or not.


I am outraged and have zero faith in him as a dog owner-especially w/a dog that appears to have some pitbull in him. Anyone that is capable of harming a living creature the way he did has an evil entity in him that is not deserving of a second chance as a pet owner. Whoever gave him this chance deserves to be in jail w/Vic himself. Complete dumbass ignorance!


It was ordered by the courts he could not have a dog. He should be sent back to prison. What is the point of a court order if its not withheld. No dogs for Vic!

michelr been a member of the aspca for over five years. Right after mike vick got out of jail i decided to petition dog fighting. You wish to sign it. Please go to look under animal abuse then to dog.fighting. i have alsways believed that mike got a slap on the wrist. As well as Nfl allowing him to play football for gambling. He doesn.t.deserve tonown antheer dog nor play football... i.ll be at tampa expo may 23 2013 with my petition to.sign for sig


The fact that the law allows this makes me sick and deeply upset.


Does anyone know what kind of a dog it is? Hopefully not a larger breed. Does anyone or any organization have the authority to monitor the dogs well being?


stupid ! who in their right mind would give this freak an y kinda of animal, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him and I'm sure I could t even pick him up so that must tell you something. mike vike is a sick, disgusting, person whom has no compassion for animals, he should NEVER be allowed to buy, pick up or get another animal EVER!!!! ONCE A MURDER ALWAYS A MURDER!!!!!! I HASTE THIS MAN MORE THAN I CAN SAY!!!! an eye for an eye! stil his as sout there and let someone beat, bite, kick, until he dies. is what I say...............NO SYMPATHY FOR MIKE VICK!!!! but loads of love and and hope for they poor puppy.


This is a man who put his family pets into the ring with his pitbulls to watch them get torn to pieces. I really think he should have been banned from ever owning pets again


For you to sign as well as a donation jar in return i.ll have bracelets even if you don.t donate i want to make the change of tougher sentence and the owner oh dog fighting never be able yo oen animals again. For the person who says give mikr bivks a break please go to you tube put dog fighting in browser. It well mske uou smgry snd in yesrs thst people can do this to a dog. Very graphic not recommended got children. They get dogd from the pound or steal a regular sweet dog to mske yhe pitbull fight. Plud the inject the dogs with steroids to make them be resdy gor fighting.


Sex offenders are never reabilitated, murders are never reabhilitated and neither are people that abuse animals. After all the publicity of how the dogs where tortured, abused, killed while under the supervision on Mike Vick he SHOULD NOT GET ANOTHER CHANCE. Let his kids grow up and adopt a dog on their own. I can only hope that karma comes back to Mike Vick full force.