It’s Confirmed: Michael Vick Has a New Dog

Friday, October 12, 2012 - 5:45pm

It’s confirmed: Michael Vick has a new dog. To truly become a model of the type of behavior Vick wishes to teach his children—that animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect—Vick should take the opportunity to “break the cycle” and “be an instrument of positive change” by expressing remorse about the dogs he brutalized and killed with his own hands. This is something that we’ve never heard him do publically.

Because of this, we have serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet owner. We can only hope that he will set the right example for his children by teaching them to foster humane habits and a lifelong bond with their family pet. 

What’s your opinion?

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Jim Scoggins

As a dog lover that has adopted numerous shelter and ASPCA dogs, yes, I still detest Michael Vick because I know how badly so many dogs suffered. Many more than you will ever know and so many kids mimicked his behavior. However, I want to believe that this dog will not be mistreated and that his kids will learn to love dogs rather than torture and see them suffer for pleasure like their dad did for years. Not many felons get 100 million dollar jobs after prison.


Michael Vic should not be allowed to be a parent to a pet. Yes he did the time but the question is if he would have murdered a child he certainly would not be able to adopt a child. And before you say it's not the same, ask any true animal lover, if their animals are their babies. Michael Vick is pathetic. I'll keep my fingers crossd for his new pet.


Are you people serious? Have you ever seen the results of dog fighting? Of bait dogs either? I suggest you research that, spend time with a dog that was left to die after fighting or being bait...their poor souls will never heal completely, its so traumatic, IF they live at all. So before you say hes "rehabilitated and should be forgiven," maybe you should think that to have been responsible for the dog fighting and condition of his dogs when he was caught, its obvious hes missing a humanity chip. Anyone who could treat his dogs like he did without a conscience doesnt need rehab....he needs to be restricted from ever having another animal. EVER.


Where did he get the dog!? That's the problem! NO one should have given, sold, let him adopt or even get near another dog. I'm sorry, but abusers do NOT change. The first time he gets angry will this dog be safe? He might have paid his "debt" for when he got caught that doesn't mean he should be given the chance to do it again! It should have been part of his sentence that he never be allowed to "own" another pet of any kind!


I agree that people are going to try to give Vick the benefit of the doubt simply because he is an athlete which angers me to my core. I have such a strong passion for all animals, domesticated and wildlife. And I believe stronger than anything else that animals deserve to be treated with respect, compassion, and in the case of pets, LOVE. I despise people who abuse innocent animals. To me it is like child abuse. Would people forgive him if he abused a child? Probably not. My dogs are my children and I could not imagine ever hurting them or endangering their lives. Just because he's an athlete, and has "said he's sorry" does not mean he's changed. People in the public eye have to make those statements to keep their reputation out of the trash. Think about if he hadn't gotten punished or even caught for this, do you think he'd be sorry? I personally do not trust it. But everyone has a right to think positively about whomever they deem worthy of forgiveness. I just simply cannot condone behavior that if you know you'll have to apologize for later, perhaps you simply shouldn't have endured it in the first place.


Really....You wouldnt let a child molester or murderer have another kid.. Animals are living breathing beings that deserve respect. This man showed no remorse of wrongdoing. He is a pig that the media elevated to stardom, and when this case came to light he got MORE fame....Where does it end?

Tears for dogs

You dont alow a child malester to be care givers after doing time for that crime so No I do Not agree with the other posts. First ask yourself would you let your child have a sleepover at a house with a known pedafile after his release from Prison. . NO you would not!!! SoI think the answer is clear. How shallow that you think a Dog should not have that same kind of safety net in place.


I don't think he should ever be able to own a dog again! It should have ben a part of his sentance! A few months ago a woman was arrested for pulling her yokie behind her SUV ~ that was her way of "walking" it ~ it had missing toenails and it's pads were bleeding ~ she should never be allowed to own a dog again either! It makes me SICK!

Debra Berger

Can we use the word "Guardian"
you give MV power to "own" the dog when using owner

Pamela Boland

No one who gives an interview in which he tells of the great enjoyment he derived from killing his under-performing pitbulls is fit to own a dog. It's not about paying his debt to society; it's not about apologizing. It's about being emotionally unfit to develop the human-animal bond necessary for pet ownership. After hearing Michael Vick in his interview in which he talked about how much he enjoyed killing dogs, I worry about any animal that enters his home. What will be the punishment for house-training errors? What happens if the dog chews up Vick's "lucky glove"? Michael Vick shouldn't own a dog. Liking dogs and liking to kill dogs are two different things.