It’s Confirmed: Michael Vick Has a New Dog

Friday, October 12, 2012 - 5:45pm

It’s confirmed: Michael Vick has a new dog. To truly become a model of the type of behavior Vick wishes to teach his children—that animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect—Vick should take the opportunity to “break the cycle” and “be an instrument of positive change” by expressing remorse about the dogs he brutalized and killed with his own hands. This is something that we’ve never heard him do publically.

Because of this, we have serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet owner. We can only hope that he will set the right example for his children by teaching them to foster humane habits and a lifelong bond with their family pet. 

What’s your opinion?

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I have heard people making excuses based on race and culture which is bunk. You don't kill and murder as many animals as he did and then suddenly claim you are reformed. He killed pits but how many bait dogs he killed we will never know about that were also killed? I support the ASPCA but as long as you support Vick I will stop.

Samirah Amantullah

From the time this whole incident happened with Vick, I hated him with all my heart and I have never ever cheered nor watched an Eagles' game. NO, I do not believe he has the right to EVER own a dog. Let him get a bird or a guinea pig. What he did is reprehensible and basically unforgiveable. I will still not route for the Eagles and I will still loathe VICK.The brother is not cool.


Shit. This is not gonna end well, someone please take that poor baby away from him before something happens

Carol Krusey

Read this commentary from both Nathan Winograd and advocate for a No Kill Nation and the Director of Best Friends Animal Society who took in most of Vicks surviving dogs. The dogs he murdered didn't get a second chance and the ones who survived also have a ticking time bomb in their bodies because of the violent sport he forced them to be involved in. They don't have a second chance either as yes they survived the dog fighting ring but their lives will still be cut short due to this horrible disease.


Is that we seem fixated on continuously punishing the convicted. If you've ever known anyone who's been convicted, it's really difficult for them to find a job afterward which kind of lends itself to the revolving door system we have where people end up back in prison.
Michael Vick did time, he publically appologized. He's going to be under a microscope with that dog for its entire life.
Alternatively, would it be better for the dog to not get adopted, as so many do, and be guaranteed a death?


I think this man should not be aloud to ever own an animal ever again. They should do visits to his home every couple of months just to make sure this dog is not being abused!!!!!


So, if we let John Wayne Gacy out of prison...if Susan Smith wants to have more children...if we elect another Bush into office, then we should just repeat our past mistakes and give them the benefit of the doubt? Give them a second or third chance to really screw up? Then what??! Be all Christian and think WWJD? C'mon. Animals never get chances like this. Ever.


I can't believe this man ( if he deserves to be called a man that is)
Can't believe he has been allow to have a dog or any other pet for what is concern!!
Why do we live in a society where others think that a little crying in public saying sorry and right away the man has paid his dues !!!! Get real he does not give a damn about any animal but himself because in reality he is the animal in all this. Do we really believe a kid pedified, a rapist and killer can be rehab?!?! I don't think so .
I am so besides myself can't believe he is allowed to even own a picture of a dog !! Bad enough he was rewarded with getting another NFL contract!! So shame on all of those who believe he deserves anything.
Why don't you look up the story of what he did to all those poor dogs and then see if he is worthy of anything !!


Aren't there felons that aren't allowed to own guns again? Those are property, just like the legal systems say pets are (which I disagree with my, pets are family not property), but in that case, animal abusers shouldn't be allowed to own pets again. Period.


Granted, he has paid his debt and apologized, but I agree with those who equate him with a child molester. Someone also used Jerry Sandusky as an example. Would it be right to allow Sandusky or any child molester near a child if they were ever realeased from prison? HELL NO!!!!! Vick SHOULD NOT be allowed to own a dog. I'll use the analogy of an alchoholic. Would you really want the temptation to be there? Remove the temptation, and no one gets drunk. Remove the dog, and no temptation of training it to fight...