It’s Be Kind to Animals Week!

Monday, May 7, 2012 - 1:15pm

It’s Be Kind to Animals Week, and a great time to share your love of animals with the kids in your life. Here are a few of our top ideas:

Volunteer Together
Sure, many shelters require volunteers to be 18 to handle animals—but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing kids can do to help! Kids can hold a bake sale for a local shelter, help with web design or do even more—check out the stories of ASPCA Kids of the Year Olivia Boulet and Mimi Ausland for ideas. Call your favorite shelter to ask what your kids can do.

Get Crafty
If you’ve got a future artist on your hands, consider getting messy in the craft room for shelter animals. What can you do? For starters, you can make cat toys for homeless kitties in your area. Check out this page for instructions. (Hint: You’ll need some old socks.) 

Get ‘Em Involved in Pet Care
Whether you decide your 12-year-old is ready for his own guinea pig or you want your 14-year-old to feed the dog dinner each day, getting your kids involved in caring for your pets will help them build a lasting love for animals. Where to start? Check out our guide to how much pet care kids can likely handle. Then send them to’s Pet Care section.

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