It Takes Two

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 4:30pm
two cats on a couch

Jennifer Richmond got a very special gift for her birthday 11 years ago. That day, she visited the ASPCA Adoption Center and adopted “the love of her life,” a special kitty named Nicholas. 

“He was a small, shy, black-and-white, six-month-old kitten,” Jennifer recalls. “He has grown into the most lovable and sweetest lap cat you will ever meet.”

The two formed a lasting bond that is still going strong today.

“At 11 years old he still has energy to play, calls for treats and purrs so loud it makes you laugh,” Jennifer says.

A few years ago, Jennifer decided it was time for Nicholas to have a feline friend. She visited the ASPCA Adoption Center once again to look for a cat who would be the perfect buddy for Nicholas. Her search was successful—she found Joey, a “rambunctious, gray, three-month-old kitten with more energy than you can imagine.”

“I wasn't sure how all this energy would work with an older cat, but within days they were fast friends,” Jennifer remembers. “They love each other.”

It’s safe to say Nicholas and Joey are two very lucky cats.

“I can’t imagine life without either of them,” Jennifer says. “I am greeted at the door when I get home, and they cuddle during TV time and find their place on the bed when we go to sleep. I can’t thank the ASPCA enough for rescuing them. You have helped create our special family.”

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I can’t imagine life without either of them,” Jennifer says. “I am greeted at the door when I get home, and they cuddle during TV time and find their place on the bed when we go to sleep. I can’t thank the ASPCA enough for rescuing them. You have helped create our special family.” I can’t imagine life without either of them,” Jennifer says. “I am greeted at the door when I get home, and they cuddle during TV time and find their place on the bed when we go to sleep. I can’t thank the ASPCA enough for rescuing them. You have helped create our special family.” <a href="">fast twitter followers</a>


I can’t imagine life without either of them,” Jennifer says. “I am greeted at the door when I get home, and they cuddle during TV time and find their place on the bed when we go to sleep. I can’t thank the ASPCA enough for rescuing them. You have helped create our special family.” <a href="">giocare in borsa</a>

sonali mane

I recently lost my beautiful sigma kitten he was just 10year old and a great Friend, I miss him so much.


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