Interactive Map Shows Which Pet Stores Support Puppy Mills

Monday, September 10, 2012 - 3:45pm
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Does your local pet store help perpetuate animal cruelty? The sad reality is…many do. You see, most puppies sold in pet store come from puppy mills. So if your pet store has a slew of roly-poly pups for sale, chances are it supports a very cruel industry. To make matters worse, by giving stores that sell puppies your business, you’re actually supporting puppy mills, too!

“Most people just don’t realize that pet store puppies come from puppy mills,” says Cori Menkin, ASPCA Senior Director of our Puppy Mills Campaign, “and that by shopping for pet supplies at stores that sell puppies, you’re actually supporting puppy mills.”

Take Action
We’re here to help! Our new interactive map shows pet stores across the country that sell puppies. All you have to do is pledge not to shop at them.

“It’s an easy action that takes a big stand against puppy mills,” explains Menkin. “If a store sells puppies, don't buy anything there—not pet food, kitty litter, squeaky toys—nothing.”

So where can you shop? Not to worry—we have a second map dedicated to highlighting the awesome pet stores that work with local shelters to offer dogs for adoption. Check ‘em out!

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For all the posts ----- while you may be against animal abuse, and you vocalize it in places like these comment sections... i'll assure you it does nothing to prevent what is happening to our animals in the hands of those who don't care since they do not read these posts... Having said that, what does help is active involvement. Whether it is fostering, providing supplies to reputable rescue organizations, donations to ASPCA (which is an excellent choice since they work to change laws, etc, or maybe just signing up as a volunteer at some adoption event. Speak loudly and often to your friends and relatives, Facebook, twitter, and anyone who will listen. Don't turn a blind eye and simply complain. If all those who complained became active in some manner.... the result would be positively significant to animal welfare. Check out An amazing national rescue organization who trains volunteers all over the country. The most outstanding action they perform is responding to calls where puppy mills have been busted. They retrieve, house, provide medical attention, rehabilitate, and network/coordinate with other animal advocacy groups including legal services to place these animals in their forever homes. Again - ANIMALRESCUECORPS.ORG

luke williamson

there needs to be better laws for the dogs and kittens to be able to live free in clean envoroments, plenty of food and water, very good quality vet care love, social interaction, and play are important to dogs and kittens there really needs to be more laws to shut down puppy mills they don't need to have these poor animals in cages like this. these people that run these pet mills need to be put in jail for life. this is very wrong to do to animals. the pets need a place with where is no cruelty and neglect.