The Importance of Being Neutered

Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 9:15am
curious looking black and tan puppy

Whether you’ve recently adopted a dog or you’re considering it, one of the most important health decisions you’ll make is whether to spay or neuter your new pet.

When it comes to “fixing” male dogs, specifically, there’s a lot of misinformation swirling around. (“It’ll make my dog fat” and “it’ll change his personality” are two common myths that we’d like to bust forever!) Some pet parents even express guilt over neutering their dogs. But trust us, he doesn’t mind, and here’s why:

Neutering provides major health benefits.
Besides preventing unwanted litters, neutering your male pup prevents testicular cancer and significantly reduces the chance of certain prostate problems as he ages.

Your neutered male will be more at peace.
Neutering won’t affect your dog’s working abilities, friendliness or playfulness! However, it will likely reduce undesirable, sometimes dangerous behaviors including urine marking, attempts to roam away from home, aggression toward other dogs and inappropriate mounting. These things stress everybody out—including him.

He won’t become a deadbeat dad.
Every year, millions of dogs of all ages and breeds are euthanized or suffer as strays. You wouldn’t want your beloved pooch to be responsible for creating yet another unplanned litter, would you?

Many states and counties have established safe, low-cost spay/neuter programs that make surgery easily affordable and accessible. To find an affordable program near you, search our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Provider Database. If you're in New York City, the ASPCA mobile spay/neuter clinic offers partially or fully subsidized spay/neuter surgery for low-income dog and cat owners in the five boroughs.

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It is not ideal, but better than half of the responders who would not spay/neuter their animal. I hand out low cost applications to spay/neuter and still many are "surprised" with pregnant pets. My neighbor thought it was his right to let his dog free and unneutered. He killed my chicken and bit my puppy ( one month prior to her getting fixed) Thankfully they were ticketed and my dog was unharmed. She is happy being fixed. All six of my dogs could not be happier and more lovable.

Voice for the v...

If people bothered to take a science class or educate their self about animal anatomy/physiology and the age difference between them n humans then u would know that performing spay n neuters on young animals would NOT be like giving a child a hysterectomy. The dogs n cats anatomical/physiological make up "AGES" them much faster by many years than a human being. Therefore they are much older anatomically when spayed n neutered at a "young" age which does not hurt them and they do NOT need the supposed "hormones" because they have already had them n aged anatomically/physiologically by 4 months or so. That is the best age to alter any dog or cat. That is why rabies are required n given at 4 months of age because the animal is actually a bit older anatomically/physiologically.

Gina R

Great information!!

Jo Ann Remster

If your male dog is older and is not neutered can he be done now or should I just let it go. I have a female this is not spayed yet and he run himself ragged the last time she was in heat. I need to get her fixed but I want to make sure she isn't pregnant, is there any way to tell she's pregnant? I've been putting it off because of the cost to go to my vet. I'm checking into your site.


The vet can tell you if she is pregnant, and if so, when she can be spayed. I have had older dogs fixed with no issues. I have actually never had an issue other than my dogs no longer urinating in the house, chewing my couch and humping more than my stuffed animals.


Why don't you males go cut off you're balls and see how you like it. Dah.


Rich, while this might make the world a safer place for everyone, I doubt you'll convince many men to comply. But seriously, a puppy cannot fixate on his male anatomy like humans do. He won't miss what he doesn't know he had. It's only human who have egos. Neutered male dogs are still used in every form of police and military work, and it's actually much easier for them to concentrate on their jobs without the distraction of searching for mates. REAL men aren't threatened by neutering their pets.


You got it! No more wars!


Animals being brain washed and used as labor for cops and the military, then thought of as tools until a criminal kills one is another issue entirely. In addition, I would bet that if you read the research work done by the Nazis in their medical experimentation you would find similar claims of behavioral improvements with proper "encouragement" and incentive. Also, the currently illegal frontal lobotomy, it "worked" to make people more pliable and less aggressive. If you are going to make claims about what an animal will and will not "fixate" on... you should perhaps share your technique of animal communication and psychology with animal experts around the world. It might solve many issues since most of us are unable to ask them if they cared. Moreover, neutering a male or spaying a female BEFORE sexual maturity IS considered unhealthy in most medical texts for veterinary medicine.

REAL men would not alter another life without it being a choice of that part or the whole! In MOST cases the need is not present, just the want of less responsibility.

Voice for the v...

You are not very informed about spay n neutering of pets in todays times. We no longer live in the Nazis era. Time to move on n become educated in todays times. Many men are not present as parents n they probably are the ones who think neutering their dogs is not a good idea as well. That is chauvinistic n irresponsible. "just the want of less responsibility," really??? It is responsible so that your dog is not being a nuisance to the neighborhood n responsible to not add to pet OVER POPULATION n responsible to keeping your pet healthy n extending their longevity to enjoy their companionship longer.