The Importance of Being Neutered

Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 9:15am
curious looking black and tan puppy

Whether you’ve recently adopted a dog or you’re considering it, one of the most important health decisions you’ll make is whether to spay or neuter your new pet.

When it comes to “fixing” male dogs, specifically, there’s a lot of misinformation swirling around. (“It’ll make my dog fat” and “it’ll change his personality” are two common myths that we’d like to bust forever!) Some pet parents even express guilt over neutering their dogs. But trust us, he doesn’t mind, and here’s why:

Neutering provides major health benefits.
Besides preventing unwanted litters, neutering your male pup prevents testicular cancer and significantly reduces the chance of certain prostate problems as he ages.

Your neutered male will be more at peace.
Neutering won’t affect your dog’s working abilities, friendliness or playfulness! However, it will likely reduce undesirable, sometimes dangerous behaviors including urine marking, attempts to roam away from home, aggression toward other dogs and inappropriate mounting. These things stress everybody out—including him.

He won’t become a deadbeat dad.
Every year, millions of dogs of all ages and breeds are euthanized or suffer as strays. You wouldn’t want your beloved pooch to be responsible for creating yet another unplanned litter, would you?

Many states and counties have established safe, low-cost spay/neuter programs that make surgery easily affordable and accessible. To find an affordable program near you, search our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Provider Database. If you're in New York City, the ASPCA mobile spay/neuter clinic offers partially or fully subsidized spay/neuter surgery for low-income dog and cat owners in the five boroughs.

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Wait---"used as a stud" and was "spayed" ? Uh---I think not. A stud would be a male and females get spayed.

Voice for the v...

Responsible n Yazzy r so correct about a Vet in their right mind telling people to not spay n neuter n then saws off the horns of cattle years later when they could have been dehorned right after birth. I spay n neuter every animal to include myself. Some are a lil chubby n some are not. It all depends on MANY factors. If feed a poor diet, no exercise, a thyroid condition, a bad Vet, exposure to certain hazards, etc. It is NOT just from having a spay n neuter surgery.


Ignorance on display.


You need to get a new vet, yours a complete quack. I can't believe how dumb both you and your vet are.
Have fun watching your dog die of testicular cancer.


There is a great deal of propaganda about spaying and neutering your animals. This is found mostly in persons that are ignorant of actual animal care or those who refuse to take care of another life that has its own needs. Any good vet will tell you the full health care required by any animal be it intact or altered. Also, the person who went to school and had to be in the top 3% of medical school to be a vet has far more training and research to make claims and statements than someone who read a little on the internet, possibly on a flyer, or saw a "special" on television.

In short, learn to take responsibility for the life you chose to have in yours or suffer the same treatment you force on them; and since that seems a little high brow for you... Go have a full hysterectomy and castration preformed on each of your family members and then you have the moral right to spout off your poorly informed opinion. The ASPCA and celebrities such as Bob Barker started their enormous campaign against animals breeding uncontrollably and because of people (such as you) who refuse to take responsibility for their pets health and actions. The public funds required to euthanize the over abundance of animals is extraordinary, coupled with the number of pets "put down" due to owners refusing the needed surgery IF it arises were the main driving forces. Humans are cruel and selfish... and you seem the epitome of this disgusting truth. Oddly, I would wager that you are the type of person whose children are pushed off on the television, the public school system, and public venue rules. Everyone's responsible for your inadequacy, well done.

Your cruel jabs at what may happen to another's pet illustrates your ineptitude on the subject and the type of human being you actually are. Seek help, professional mental help.


Spaying and neutering saves lives, both your personal dog's and any future puppies. You claim your dog never humps anything but a stuffed animal... and then added that it humps the neighbor's large breed dog. Do you realize the large breed will lie down to breed so the male can get at her? And then what? You said yourself your neighbor was worried. That means your dog is at the minimum a nuisance to the neighbors. And where were you with your unaltered dog running loose and able to impregnate other dogs? I think it shows a lack of knowledge on your behalf. And I don't believe any vet would recommend not altering your animals. That's just irresponsible.

Voice for the v...

Your vet should not be a vet then for being against spay n neutering. When your first dog was hit n killed why was it out in the road area for someone to serve and hit him to begin with? Then u stated that your dog has "never" humped anything but a stuffed animal but in the next sentence u stated that he tried "humping" the neighbors Golden Retriever. So which is it? He doesn't or he does have the desire to breed like any in tact male? The dog is not going to look at you n ask why? Like an infant child who receives a circumcision they do not remember the surgery. They are stoic to pain unlike many adult humans. I feel sorry for your dog and may he never get cancer or die at an early age because u refused to neuter him.


I have rescued cats & kittens for 40 years. Spaying and neutering is crucial to your pet's health and also to stop over population. The little Shih Tzu mentioned here is humping a stuffed animal because he has hormones raging in his body and he doesn't know what to do. I am sorry, but your Vet is wrong. His philosophy smacks in the face of common sense. Any Veterinarian will say that altering a pet will not make him fat and lazy. But if the owner doesn't exercise the pet and walk with him, that could contribute to a weight gain for both of them! An unsprayed female dog or cat is miserable. She is prone to uterine cancer, mammary cancer and all it takes is one time of getting out the door and she can get pregnant. Why do you think shelters in this country are killing 20 million animals each year? They never should have been born to begin with!! You can prevent the deaths by preventing the births. And it is much healthier for your pet, that is an indisputable fact. The Shih Tzu is crying out for help. Take him to a qualified Vet and you will get a different opinion. Spaying and neutering really is a matter of life or death because of the thousands of unwanted animals dying in shelters daily. Do your part and get your pet fixed.


My dogs are neutered - one came that way and the other I had done at around 9 months. I disagree with organizations that are neutering and spaying very young puppies. I was always told that they need those hormones for proper growth and not to consider having the procedure done until they reach 6 months of age. Spaying a 3 month old dog would be like performing a hysterectomy on a child.

Wendy S

Our vet said to wait to fix our puppy until she was around 6 months old because it wasn't necessary before then. Our cats were done after they became in heat because that's what our vet recommended and while one is a bit over weight the other cat is not. Neither one of my cats personality changed. We've had dogs neutered in the past and their personality did not change at all, our one dog loved to wander so much the dog warden knew where he lived and would just bring him home and he continued this even after he was fixed. He lived to be 17