Hurricane Sandy Cat Finds Home

Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 2:30pm
Black and white tuxedo cat

When Brittney K. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in search of a feline companion for her resident cat, she decided to adopt a shy cat named Sofie. She felt the adoption was meant to be after finding out that Sofie had been rescued during Hurricane Sandy, a storm Brittney had experienced firsthand.

I decided to adopt Sofie to help my first cat, Wednesday, play more frequently—or at least to chase her around the house regularly—and because I grew up in a family that adopted shelter animals and felt an urge to help another homeless animal.

This time I decided to go to the ASPCA, and I was very impressed by the facilities and the happiness spread across the volunteers' faces. My two guides took plenty of time with me—I didn't feel rushed into adoption—and they answered each question I had.

Sofie didn't catch my eye right away. She hid in the corner, but you could tell that she wanted to come out and play. I scooted over to her corner and she rolled over on her back and started purring immediately. That's when I knew she was joining our family! 

At first, and as expected, Sofie didn't want to come out from under my bed. I selected my bedroom as her living quarters for the first 14 days, but she wanted to come out much sooner than that. Though the adjustment between the two cats has been short of smooth sailing, they are starting to get along.

Sofie is becoming a lap cat and jumps on top of me any time I sit down. She follows me all over the apartment and has made the place her own. Her energy and excitement will be the perfect fit for our family. 

Toward the end of my adoption, a behavioral specialist came to chat with me and let me know Sofie was a Hurricane Sandy rescue. After watching some close friends experience the aftermath of the storm and helping our city rebuild, it was absolutely clear to me that we were meant to find each other!

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