Hurricane Isaac Response: ASPCA on the Ground

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 5:00pm

As you know, exactly seven years after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Isaac is devastating Gulf Coast communities. Waist-high flooding has forced thousands to evacuate their homes, and as first responders work to rescue people stranded by the storm, the ASPCA is planning rescue operations for stranded and imperiled animals.

The ASPCA’s response to this crisis is only just beginning and is evolving by the minute, but we have taken the following measures:

  • Our top experts are working closely with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team to plan and execute rescue.
  • We’re deploying responders to conduct door-to-door rescue of animals in flooded or abandoned homes.
  • We’re assisting a Louisiana animal shelter facing flooding.
  • We are supplying boats and other equipment for critical water rescue missions.
  • We transported animals from a Mississippi shelter to make room for possible Isaac victims.

If you’re seeking a way to help, you can make a gift to the ASPCA here. The ASPCA relies on the support of compassionate people like you to conduct rescues like this one and to assist animals facing other crises.

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Tracy Lints

I personally don't donate to ASPCA. I'd rather donate to help get dogs pulled off death row and see the immediate result of being rescued, or donate directly to a dog needing medical care and know it goes right to that specific dog. However, I cannot believe that ASPCA would rescue these dogs from Isaac and just kill them after putting in that time and effort and money. These animals belong to people. They most likely have a temp shelter set up where they try to reunite the animals with their owners. Unclaimed animals you can only hope still get a chance at adoption.

Rochelle Mons-Larson

I don't know about the truths or fiction regarding the HSUS and disaster animal rescue but as for the comment they helped push to ban battery cages for chickens, that person needs to do their research because the HSUS did a complete 180 degree turn and are now supporting the Factory farmers agenda and are also pushing laws to have the American people have no say as to the welfare of these animals ever again. Do your research to see who they are sleeping with (figuratively). It's all about the money!

Rochelle Mons-Larson

I completely support/trust Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah and RedRover with their rescue efforts.

susie cook

Please dont be fooled by the ASPCA sad sorrowful stories about how they help animals . They are a bunch of lying phonies. I know personally of a case in upstate NYwhere they went into a rescue organization where there was nothing wrong with the animals and confiscated them. They then proceeded to fly them all over the country to various shelters specifically for the sole reason to have them put to death. They were in cahoots with the local police to take these innocent animals. Thank God the owner was able to get some of them back before they were MURDERED !! The did kill all of the cats though . They actually used your donations folks to fly them all the way to Colorado to be EUTHANIZED. Isnt that lovely. Its a long way from ny state to colorado. Also, you would be pleased to know the jundreds of thousands of dollars they use to pay their administrators and other employees with. Again your donations folks. Dont be fooled by the singers and actesses they use in their tv ads . They are a bunch oppurtunistic phonies who kill animals for a living !!!

Karen Pauli

Your news reporting is a bit sparce. I (and many others, I think) want to know all the details. WHAT sort of rescue operations do you plan? WHO will you be working with? WHERE will you be rescuing? WHAT shelter is in danger of flooding, and how are you helping them? We can't be down there helping ourselves, and we want the news. Can you tell us more about what the ASPCA is doing down in the Gulf?

Patrick Oliver



I am VERY concerned as to what is going on with these videos i've been hearing about?? Children, gassing and killing animals in dumpsters!?!? Who the hell taught them this!? Where is this coming from? Where the hell are their parents? And where is the law enforcement?? Does anyone know what is being done to track these horrible children down! They need to be charged with felony and put away for a long, long time! Sick, sick, sick!

Andra Carriere

Thank you for all the prep and rescue work you did. My wish is that in the future something can be done to rescue horses in danger from storms ! Many died in Issac and no one was there to help them before or after the storm . It was heartbreaking !


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