Hurricane Isaac Response: ASPCA on the Ground

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 5:00pm

As you know, exactly seven years after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Isaac is devastating Gulf Coast communities. Waist-high flooding has forced thousands to evacuate their homes, and as first responders work to rescue people stranded by the storm, the ASPCA is planning rescue operations for stranded and imperiled animals.

The ASPCA’s response to this crisis is only just beginning and is evolving by the minute, but we have taken the following measures:

  • Our top experts are working closely with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team to plan and execute rescue.
  • We’re deploying responders to conduct door-to-door rescue of animals in flooded or abandoned homes.
  • We’re assisting a Louisiana animal shelter facing flooding.
  • We are supplying boats and other equipment for critical water rescue missions.
  • We transported animals from a Mississippi shelter to make room for possible Isaac victims.

If you’re seeking a way to help, you can make a gift to the ASPCA here. The ASPCA relies on the support of compassionate people like you to conduct rescues like this one and to assist animals facing other crises.

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We live in Kentucky on a fixed income. I can send a few dollars and I know every little bit adds up. But I could also foster a few small dogs until their owners can claim them if that would help. So if anyone is coming up this way send me a few. We take better care of our dogs than most people do of their children.. As long as you don't mind them being spoiled rotten. It would kill me to know my dogs were out there wondering the streets alone and afraid. I live about an hour from Lexington, Cincinnati or Ashland. I can come to any of those place to pick them up. Send me an Email if I can help. Thank you ~Melody~

Believe me, I'm NOT criticizing the wonderful folks at the ASPCA or anyone in the Rescue Communities in this crises. But the question asked in Way Too Blunt form by another person has merit. Are the animals being shipped to No Kill Shelters? And, is Good photography being done so that families can locate their animals? I am a donor and volunteer to my local SPCA and am very proud of it. Just wanting a little more info. We, here in Abilene wouldn't mind helping a few sent out our way. Sending animals already in the shelters that have not been retrieved by the public before the storm; to make room for the ones that will inevitably fill the kennels, is a great plan. This needs to be fully featured as far and wide as possible before the public’s eyes are drawn away from this issue.

Pirkko Kuronen

Uninformed comments about ASPCA's efforts to help animals in distress as a result of Isaac, such as the one posted by
"Troll" above, are cruel and stupid. I live far, far away from Louisiana, but I can tell you I would never leave my cats behind. They are my responsibility. They count on me. I am their life-line. Sink or swim. In a situation such as that, I would welcome the help of ASPCA and is volunteers.

Susan Guthrie

First of all, thank you all so much for the work that you do. I am an ASPCA Guardian, and I love donating the little bit that I have to help. All of my animals are rescues, the only kind I will add to the family. Yes, people need to be able to find their furry family members after the storm, so records need to be kept. I would rather have my dogs and cats picked up and taken to any shelter, than have them starving, fighting, or killed on the streets. It is unfortunate that things don't always work out perfectly, but the ASPCA does the best that they can. Thank you all.


Until you folks who cry for no kill shelters go out and ensure that the whole world spays and neuters their animals please realize that for every no kill shelter there is another one (probably your local pound) who has to take in all these animals that the no kill shelters turn away. As a former shelter employee, I can tell you no one who works with animals wants to euthanize them. EVER. But where are the homes for the millions of unwanted animals born every year. Stop screaming for no kill and go out and scream SPAY AND NEUTER and focus efforts there. Maybe someday every shelter will be no kill much to the delight of everyone!

Sherrie Jacobs

SOOOO appreciate your response to the Isaac situation for our furry friends. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!


What might be good is an application that can be brought up quickly during a crisis. A db of animals that are found, with a pic of the animal, where they were found and where they are now. It would be great to be able to follow the animal so if an owner sees their pet online they know where they are. If the animal is microchipped it would be easier. There could be a cell phone app that during a rescue they could snap a pic of the animal and it could geolocate where they were when they found the animal. Maybe this isn't a realistic suggestion, but I think something like this might help with the aftermath in re-uniting animals with owners. I would think if owners had a website where they could search by criteria such as where they were found, breed, color, microchip etc. we may have more re-unions. Anyone think this would help or is there already something like this?


Thank you so much to all the volunteers, full time employees and the organization as a whole for taking the time out of their schedule to help those who do not have a voice and actually truly need the help, the animals and pets out there. Thank you again.

Kristyl Adams

Aspca should post some rescue photos of the flooding happening now. People like to see proof of efforts.


I give a small monthly amount to SPCA and own 2 awesome strays that I was lucky enough to find and change their lives, they fill mine with love. Its one animal at a time guys.
For those of you with horror in your hearts and spirits of doom, I'll pray you NEVER own any type of animal.
Hope you get yours, Karmas awesome!!