Hundreds of Sandy Pets Reunited with Families

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 12:30pm
Sandy pets reunited with families

Now that the Emergency Boarding Facility for Sandy animals is closed, we’re taking a moment to look back at the hundreds of amazing reunions that we got to witness there.

We want to thank Rachael Ray for her generous gift that allowed us to launch the facility, and to thank the many animal welfare organizations from near and far who helped us run this operation.

We also want to take a moment to thank all of our supporters. Without you, we couldn’t have helped any of the families whose pets we boarded after Sandy—nor could we have helped the thousands of others who benefited from our other Sandy relief programs like search-and-rescue and food distribution.

We invite you to watch this video and remember that our work is sponsored by your generosity and kindness!

Tonight, hundreds of animals who were once boarded with us are now sleeping near their loved ones once again.

Our boarding facility also housed stray animals found in disaster areas in the wake of Sandy. Those who weren’t claimed after exhaustive efforts to find their families are getting happy endings, too: All were transferred to either our Adoption Center or our rescue partners for adoption, and some have already found loving homes.

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you, ASPCA supporters! We’re committed to staying ready to respond to any natural disaster at a moment’s notice, and we’re so glad you’re in our corner.

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Yamira Thompson

You guys were my heroes during 911, Katrina and you are still! my heroes. Thank you always for caring for our furry family members and friends. I'm a monthly donater and will always continue to be.

Barbara Bankhead

Incredibly heart warming to know how hard you all work to keep our loving pets safe and at ease. Thank you so very much.

Terry White-Lee

Again, what an A+ effort. What ever would we do without you ASPCA.God Bless each and ever one of you for the fantastic,tireless work you do each and every day.Thank You Again.

Katie LaRoche

Thank you ASPCA for saving these animals. If I ever lost my cats in a disaster I would be incredibly heartbroken. I am THRILLED to know that there is an organiation that can return animals to their owners and homes. Thank you, and I will continue to support your wonderful efforts!

Katie in Minnesota.


I've shared this on Facebook and told people to have tissues nearby. The tears of happiness are still falling. Thank you ASPCA for all that you do for the animals.

Christina Perez

I am thankful for all you do for the animals. I found my loving cat "Baby" at a shelter in Brooklyn when she was 7 months old (she is now 3 yrs old). My husband and I are now looking to provide a great adult or puppy a loving home this week or ext. Thank you.