Huge Courtroom Win for Caboodle Ranch Cats!

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 10:00am

Thanks to a major court victory for the ASPCA this week, the cats rescued from Caboodle Ranch are a big step closer to finding the forever homes they deserve.

In an eight-page order, a judge of Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit transferred ownership of the felines from Caboodle Ranch to local authorities, saying the nearly 700 cats should never return to the rural Florida property.

The judge wrote that the cats “were not receiving proper and reasonable care while in the custody of Caboodle” and that Caboodle lacked “the resources, ability, skill and (most importantly) willingness to follow expert veterinary advice essential to an operation dedicated to the care of such a large and apparently ever-growing number of animals.”

The judge also prohibited Caboodle from acquiring more animals, ensuring that no more cats fall victim to hoarding there.

“The court’s decision has the best interest of the animals at heart,” says Tim Rickey, Senior Director of the ASPCA's Field Investigations & Response Team. “As the court noted, cats at Caboodle lived in filth; many were sick and in pain.”

Wednesday marked four months since authorities raided Caboodle Ranch in rural Madison County. Caboodle promoted itself as a sanctuary for unwanted felines, but the reality of life on the property was very different.

Today the cats are being housed in a temporary shelter in Jacksonville, receiving the veterinary attention, behavioral enrichment and companionship they deserve. Their road to forever homes has been a long one, but even more good news for the cats is just around the corner.

Stay tuned to for more great news about these resilient kitties!