How Would You Say Goodbye?

Friday, November 12, 2010 - 3:15pm

The holiday season is upon us—but for some, celebration does not come easy. With the devastating effects of the economic downturn, struggling families across our nation are forced to face one of the most difficult decisions of their life—abandoning their beloved pet.

As millions continue to file for unemployment, many families find they can no longer afford the costs of pet care, while others become evicted from their homes and are unable locate pet-friendly housing. The unlucky ones are left to the streets, but even those in shelters face difficult odds. The harsh reality is, with shelter intake rates on the rise, countless numbers of companion animals face euthanasia in overcrowded shelters—but we are here to help.

This past year, we were able to provide low cost medical care to more than 144,000 animals, assist in the adoption of over 63,000 homeless pets, and provide more than five million in grant funding to organizations in need. But we’re not done…

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With your help, the ASPCA can continue to make a difference for the thousands of families at risk of losing their beloved companions, and together we can keep families at home, together.

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