Hey, New York: These Furry Survivors Are Ready to Be Your Valentine!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 11:45am
cat adoption event

Weather Update: Due to the blizzard, this event will be held Sunday, Feb. 10, only. Please watch for the latest information.

When Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, the ASPCA’s Cruelty Intervention Advocacy (CIA) program was preparing to remove more than 30 cats from a New York City apartment. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, CIA realized that the cats’ situation could quickly develop into a full-scale crisis.

The team took swift action, rushing to the apartment to provide immediate relief. With the lives of the animals potentially at risk, the CIA team acted quickly to remove the cats and bring them to safety.

Ever since, these resilient kitties have been recovering at our wonderful partner One Love Animal Hospital in Downtown Brooklyn. Today, they’re all in tip-top shape. In fact, the only thing they need now is a loving home to call their own.

Special Adoption Event This Weekend!

Animal lovers of NYC, that’s where you come in! This Sunday, February10, at One Love, the ASPCA is hosting a pop-up adoption event for these very special cats, and we can’t wait for you to meet them! Each of the adoptable feline cuties is so cuddly, sweet and outgoing that you’d never suspect their lives haven’t been all catnip and stuffed mice.

You can change a life just in time for Valentine’s Day by giving a kitty a brand-new family to love. And if one isn’t enough for you, consider taking home a pair of BFFs! Some of the cats are available in bonded pairs.

Ready to take the plunge and fall in love with a new furry friend this weekend? Check out for more details, including information about how New Yorkers can help us get the word out.

To learn more about how CIA helps hoarded animals and those who are overwhelmed by the number of animals in their care, please visit CIA’s page.

We hope to see you this weekend!

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Brandy vine

I adopted.a kitty in dec. From aspca.she was from a hoarding situation so scared n shy.all they need is some love.patience n a loving home.she has settled in wonderful.she follows me plays great with my other kitten n has stole my heart.i wish I had room for more.


Aw. I just love kittens. They are truly adorable. So fluffy... anyways, is this event being held where?! Because, tomorrow I want to go to it, but I don't know where. I already have three cats in my house, but one is from my cousins and aunt. They might be moving out soon. If they don't, then we can just buy a litter box. So, that means I may have room for ONE MORE!

Jessica Mccolgan

Me and my boyfriend went to the adoption event on Atlantic avenue this weekend and could not have left happier. We took away with us a beautiful bonded calico pair, Kimiko and Tamura. They like most were a little shy at first but run around and play with their toys like crazy after just a day. They have really made this house more of a home.
Thank you for rescuing them and getting their health up and keeping them healthy. I promise they are in great hands now and will only know love for the rest of their lives.


I have 3 rescued kitties. Found 1 of them on the street on a cold winter night, 2nd was abandoned and the third walked into my school on a rainey summer day. Thanks to the ASPCA they were fixed and are in good health today. They bring so much joy to my home. They have become my children and sleep beside me every night. If you dont have a pet these felines are worth having they will make you very happy with their conditional love.