Hennessy Needs a Hero!

Monday, October 8, 2012 - 9:45am

On a cold December day last year, eight-year-old Hennessy came to us limping and suffering from multiple untreated conditions. In January our veterinarians repaired her torn ACL and gave her other treatment she needed. Almost two months after arriving at the ASPCA, Hennessy was ready for adoption.

But though she’s one of the world’s most loyal, sweet-natured and easy-to-care-for dogs, Hennessy has been waiting almost 10 months to find a home. She needs to be an only dog and she takes two medications (though they’re inexpensive and she takes them so nicely!), and that means lots of people pass her by without noticing how great she is.

How great, you ask? Hennessy’s biggest fan at the Adoption Center, Behavior Department Manager Marny Nofi, says Hennessy is housetrained, smart, quick to bond, and very eager to please. And while she has some pep in her step, she’s a fairly low-key dog who loves to lounge around with something good to chew on—perfect for city, country or suburban life.

Like most adopters, Marny didn’t notice Hennessy’s particular charms at first—then she started working with her for our talent show.

“Right away, I knew she was special. In just two short sessions, she already was catching on to the tricks I was teaching her.” Marny says. “You know she loves you back when she does her little dance when you go to see her: She’ll hop around in a circle with a big goofy smile on her face.”

“I expect she’ll be a very polite and easy dog in the house,” Marny tells us, adding, “How can you not get hooked on a dog that shouts ‘I love you!’ in her behavior every time you see her?”

We don’t know, Marny! All Hennessy really wants is a family (teens and up without other dogs, please) and we know they’re out there. We’re hoping you’ll help us find them.

This diamond in the rough needs a home, and she doesn’t deserve to keep waiting. So start sharing, tweeting and emailing! It worked for Britney, Reina, Tammy, Spruce and many other ASPCA pets. Let’s make it work for Hennessy!

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ellen jahns


I am responding to last week's email about the little westie mix; male named snowball.
Has he been adopted? I live in Virginia and have been looking for a buddie for my 7 year old spayed westie,Clara. Snowball looked perfect for her. What is the policy about adopting out of state or is it even possible?

and thank you for all you do for these fabulous animals!!!!

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
Ellen Jahns

Sandi Tramontana

Hi guys:
I put your link up on my Facebook page and want to help try to get Hennessy a home. I have been watching to see if she gets adopted since she came to your shelter. If I could, I would but I am in PA and I am not allowed to have dogs in my apartment.
Anyway, it gave me an error when I click on Facebook. You may want to fix that so we could all get the word out to out NY friends. I copied her link onto my status, but it would be nice to see her cute face right away.
Thank you for all you do!!!


Wishing much success with Hennessey's placement. Don't worry...the right human will come along. Our NO-KILL shelter had a pit named Luke that was with us for nearly 2 years! He was sweet, funny, talented and loved everyone but because of his breed, people walked by. Fast forward, a woman saw Luke on our local website and our Facebook website. She came in, met Luke and immediately fell in love! Being careful as we are about placement, we discovered during the home visit that this adopter had a working farm and that Luke would be living among farm animals and horses - something he's never seen. Luke goes everywhere with his mom on the farm, and understands he needs to lay down quitely while mom tends to the stable of horses. He loves it all and Mom is so pleased, she sends us updates all the time! Don't worry Hennessey...the right home is just around the corner.


Hennessy is precious! She has one the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. I hope this pretty pittie finds a loving forever home.

Judy Lamon

I hope and pray that she gets her wonderful forever home very soon now. I have other dogs, 2 rescued Yorkies, and 3 rescued cats. God, please find Hennessy a great home!

Love for Hennessy

Sure wish I could take her, but I already have 2 adopted dogs (as well as 2 cats and a bird)! :( Hoping and praying that she finds her forever home SOON!!!


Hi, I'm interested in adopting Hennessey. My dog past away a few months ago and I'm ready to adopt again. My only concern is...I have two cats that are 12+ yrs old. How is she with cats?

Patrick Oliver

Go Hennessy!


Hennessy today is your day. So many people love you and I know you love lots of people - but that special someone that you're waiting for is just around the corner. I love you and want you to be happy.

If someone can get me the following information, I'd be happy to post as my Dog of the Day.

Contact information that can be posted publicly
She is not at risk of euthanasia - has time where she is
She is spayed - not capable of producing more homeless pets

Thank you,

Julie for Shorty's