Blog Exclusive—Every Pet Needs a “Humpable” this Holiday Season!

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 4:45pm

Attention, pet parents! Time is running out to find your furry friend the perfect gift for the holidays. Take a deep breath and head for your computer— is here to help! With its exclusive new plush toy, knows just what your pet wants.

“There is only one present that will meet the high expectations of your pet’s sugarplum dreams—the Humpable,” says Joey of “This soft plush toy is specifically designed to let your pet get his or her ‘swerve’ on—all without the risk of unwanted pregnancies.”

Through a series of slapstick video escapades, Joey continues to spread his “StopChasingTail” campaign in effort to help end pet overpopulation. Check out Joey’s other wacky flicks, and be sure to sign up for the newsletter for your chance to win free gear!