Help Us Reunite Sandy Pets with Their Families

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 5:45pm
dog in crate

This week, we’re beginning to wind down the Brooklyn emergency boarding facility we opened in November for Sandy victims’ pets and pets found in the aftermath. We’re trying as hard as ever to reunite the remaining animals with their families—and we need your help!

Since the boarding facility opened, the ASPCA and other local agencies have been working around the clock to track down the families of lost pets through grassroots outreach, flyers, advertising, public service announcements and the Animal Care & Control of NYC’s lost pets website.

To date, we’ve reunited more than 100 pets with their families, but nearly 140 displaced animals still remain at the emergency shelter. Of course, any unclaimed pets will receive the best possible placement when the facility closes, but we’d love for them to go home with their original families.

That’s why we need you to share the information below!

If you or someone you know is missing a pet post-Sandy, please tell them to come to the ASPCA emergency boarding facility (at 1508 Herkimer St. in Brooklyn) as soon as possible, or visit the lost Sandy pets site to view all lost pets residing at the facility. Pet parents who wish to reclaim their pets from the boarding facility should also call the Hurricane Sandy Pet Hotline at 347-573-1561..

Thank you! 

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Branca Greipel

I suport

Amanda Palmer

I read an article on MSNBC and I have reposted your article on Facebook. I hope these pets find their original owners. However I am interested in adopting a cat should they not get back to their original owner. I have had cats in the past and will provide any information needed. I currently own a sheppard mix and am a FOREVER pet owner. Please let me know if adoption is something you are considering. Thank you and good luck reuniting these sweet animals with their owners.


I would like to foster a dog from the sandy hurricane but I can not get in touch with the number provided (1-347-537-9935). If someone can post a number that will actually go through I would be more than excited to help out. I have been looking at many of sites but even if they do have a number it doesn't go through. Please help me help them.

Foster parent

I am also interested in fostering if that option is available. I could not imagine living without my furry family members and I can only imagine what those affected by Sandy must be going through. I would want someone to offer to foster my pets, if needed; therfore I would be willing to foster a cat or even multiple cats, if needed. I do have 3 cats, all indoor only and all loved very much.


I just visited the site to view the animals at the emergency shelter. In your article above you stated that there are still 140 animals still at the emergency shelter that could be viewed on the lost Sandy pets website. However, I only saw 14 dogs and 22 cats on the lost Sandy pets website. Where online can the other 104 animals at the emergency shelter be viewed?

Elizabeth Burrows

Where can all the pets be viewed? The links above only show a few and even some of those don't have photos! I would also be interested to know how the $500K grant from Rachael Ray specifically for the emergency shelter was spent and how all that money could be gone already. After Katrina it took some pet owners MONTHS to both find their pets and be in a position to take them back. It's barely been two months since Sandy. Please do not send those animals to kill shelters! That would be the biggest injustice ever.


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Teri Principe

Please let me know how I can Foster those still not reunited. I have a beagle and love animals Just returned two dogs to their owners who were affected by Sandy. Have plenty of room and love for more. please let me know how to go about being approved for fostering.


I would love to foster any of the pets from the Brooklyn "pop up" shelter. I do not currently have any pets as my cat of 15 years passed 2 years ago and I have fostered one since then for another rescue group. I can provide vet references if needed. Thanks!