Help Us Find a Home for Spice this Holiday Season!

Friday, December 13, 2013 - 4:45pm
Brindle pit bull wearing christmas hat

Every now and then, we come across a special dog in our Adoption Center who just can’t seem to find a home. That’s the case with Spice, a super sweet and social pup who has been waiting a long while to meet his perfect adopter. This holiday season, we’re asking you to help us find a home for Spice!

Spice came to the ASPCA in 2011 after living in squalid conditions in a basement without access to food or water. He was severely underweight, weighing only 32 pounds when he came to the ASPCA Animal Hospital. After being nursed back to health by ASPCA veterinarians and staff, he now weighs 54 pounds!

This sweet dog could not be friendlier. He would thrive in a home with an energetic adopter who’ll take the time to play with him. He already knows Sit, and loves to learn new tricks. Whether you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your household or know a friend who might be willing to give Spice a chance, we’d love to have your help in spreading the word. Please share this flyer on your Facebook, Twitter, blog and other social networks. Together we can find Spice a home for the holidays!

If you live in a teens-and-up household and are interested in adopting this special dog, please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120, or come meet Spice in person.

Spice Adoptable ASPCA Dog

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Didn't Jesus create animals too? Jeez, lighten up.


Exactly!!! Animals RULE!!!!


The bible says that God watches even the little sparrow. All creatures were created by God. Even the animals, by the way..I believe many humans can learn about unconditional love and not judging others by their many examples. Oh and you must get your facts right, Jesus was not born in December, and Christmas..though I truly do enjoy this season is a pagan holiday. Maybe you should volunteer some of your free time...I see you have plenty by what you have an animal shelter and then you might have some right to pass judgement. God bless..from a daughter of the most high God.


wow. Some Christian you are... judgmental much? I guess anyone outside of a church playing any religious Christmas songs just tears you up. It is the holidays. It is a holiday song. The dog is wearing holiday colors. It is called a theme, and you need to come down off your horse and back down to a thing called reality. Do you give the same speech to Latinos who are named or name their kids Jesus? Call up radio stations who dare play "Away in the Manger" or "Oh Holy Night"? Bet you have a Christmas tree. Please tell me you give presents. Please please tell me your kids get Santa pictures. Does "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree" offend you? What if they played "Jingle Bell Rock"? Better or worse? You said nothing about the Christmas tree ornaments in the picture, so I'm assuming Christmas trees are fine with you. You do realize that Christmas trees are from Pagan tree worshiping, right? Maybe you should get crackin' on fighting to get rid of Christmas trees instead. At least it would make more sense.

Stephanie Crawford

I am an animal rescue advocate who has been lucky enough to have many animals in my life with the help of organizations including the ASPCA. Without the help of these places millions of innocent animals would perish. Speaking of parish, I know of so many religious organizations that build massive churches hosting "leaders" including the subject of donations and money without fail in every sermon. I'm sure it takes lots of money to sustain these shrines to religion rather than feed and clothe the homeless, sick and dying in the streets everyday. We are all God's creatures, and I will choose to surround myself with furry angels that bring meaning to my life everyday. Please play any song you like and continue to do your amazing work of love. Rich? We have a wealth of unconditional love from these animals that made it. Thank You!


Why did Noah save all those animals with his ark? I think someone named "GOD" told him to, as the story goes. I don't think Jesus would mind, he was born in a manger.


If you were a true Christian you would not have written this. Yes, Jesus died so we all could be forgiven for our sins. He also taught us compassion and to love. I was taught to love all living things and to show compassion not only to humans but to every living creature. Maybe you should rethink your post or possibly you understanding of what God sent Jesus to teach us.


I think you need to take the time to read the Bible, and attend church services to lighten your load of negativity. God created all things, and treasured the animals. Be safe, be well, and embrace ALL God's creatures just as we are one of them.


Ed, the song is about peace and giving- Giving to animals as well humans means taking care of the meek and the mild...Jesus was meek and mild.
"Calm down Francis!" --Stripes


Oh, Ed. So sad. What's sad is that people like you give true Christians a bad name. And, before you go passing judgement on an organization like the ASPCA, you should learn to spell the word 'holy'... I mean, you're a Christian, right? If you want to spread negativity, start with organizations like the KKK or NAMBLA... sheesh. Get a clue.