Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 1:00pm
Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

It’s no secret that ASPCA employees are crazy about animals, so why should our own pets be any exception? Every year, we create a beautiful wall calendar for our friends and supporters using our very own furry friends as models, and as you can imagine, the competition is pretty fierce!

Our 2015 calendar is almost complete, but there’s still one very important decision to make: Whose adorable adopted companion should grace this year’s cover?

We’ve narrowed it down to four contenders, and we need YOU to help us choose a winner. Check out the photos that are in the running, read a little about these sweet, adopted animals, and then cast your vote for our 2015 Cover Dog or Cat. The pet whose photo gets the most votes will have his or her face in homes all across America!

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We have had rescue Pits for over 20 years; certainly you don't want a dog that's not "safe" around people. However, it could be any breed. Usually the issue is the owners' not understanding the behavior. We have had this happen as well, regardless of how well we thought we understood our dogs. We had aggression issues towards an older Pit once the new girl hit puberty (we were not aware of slight dominant signs, and numerous "dog dumb" trainers that we'd brought her too were wrong) Come to find out (through my girlfriend's extensive research; she was hypothyroid, which is an aggression trigger as well, same as in peoplel) often medical problems/hormone changes are part of it. Pits are an incredibly strong breed, as well as having capabilities that other breed don't, making them much more of a responsibility for their owners. We had to do the 'one dog out, one dog in the house" for years in order to not have another Pit put down. It is just so sad that the only attacks/news articles focus on Pits, not the other breeds that are listed as being top fear biters, or hurt people. I am sad to hear that you had to go through that, as one Pit prejudice vet told us to put down our rescue when we brought her in after a fight between our two.. much ignorance/fear out there. One Pit you couldn't handle shouldn't taint all of them from being rescued.. hopefully another will cross your path that changes your mind again...


That is such a heartbreak for your family. I've been reading a lot about dogs since I got mine a couple of years ago and it can happen with any breed it appears. Not any fault of your own.
"Inside of a Dog" states it was the German Shepard, then the Doberman, then the Rottie, now the Pitt Bull is the dog to chastise. All the best to you and yours.


Hugs to you. I'm sure you gave her lots of love and a great life. It's not that different from having to euthanize an animal who has a chronic disease. It's hard, but the right choice and one you have to make.

Hugs and best wishes


I didn't real like any of the dogs pictures, I think you could have found better pictures of dogs, cat pictures were nice but I don't like cats!


Well then Ellie, I guess you are not going to vote then, are you?


You don't know what you're missing!


I notice that you stated several things: "bit people who came to the house"; "opened and closed the door, and two times she got out" sounds like you may not have exercised your pitty as much as she may have needed. Some dogs need plenty of exercise...on a daily basis. Without this much needed exercise aggression may develop which obviously leads to aggressive behavior. I LOVE all animals and do agree with you that pitties can be very possessive of their family. Just as possessive as parents of their children...but we as the "family" must provide EVERYTHING that an animal needs to be a happy loving pet: food; water; love and exercise. I am truly sorry for the grief your family has had to endure. I'm hoping that your experience doesn't cause you to turn your back on pitbulls, or any other dog labeled aggressive.


You can not condemn the entire breed because of one example. There good and bad in all breeds have known biters in big and small Have know some wonderful pit. Bulls and some crazy Yorkies for example Am sorr you had to put your dog down. Very heart breaking


It is so sad you had to put this dog down. The problem, too many breeds are crossed with other animals who are sick and this is what's happening....always about money. I never met a dog I don't like or love in my life time. I met several pitt bulls, = no problems. If you have a young child around them they will get hurt (the dog that is), kids do not treat animals kindly if they are not showed the proper way to treat animals, to respect there territory, habits, etc. If they are hurts by people they will retaliate when they see other people. They are scared, and defend themselves by beeing offensive.I had 1/2 wolf/malamute, german sheppard, black labs, papillon, gorki, and a japanes blue tong (cannot remember name right now) and others mixes, my children have together 5 dogs and 3 cats. Each dog have his or hers personality, habits etc, you have to respect. I love them all.


Just not the correct training.