Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 1:00pm
Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

It’s no secret that ASPCA employees are crazy about animals, so why should our own pets be any exception? Every year, we create a beautiful wall calendar for our friends and supporters using our very own furry friends as models, and as you can imagine, the competition is pretty fierce!

Our 2015 calendar is almost complete, but there’s still one very important decision to make: Whose adorable adopted companion should grace this year’s cover?

We’ve narrowed it down to four contenders, and we need YOU to help us choose a winner. Check out the photos that are in the running, read a little about these sweet, adopted animals, and then cast your vote for our 2015 Cover Dog or Cat. The pet whose photo gets the most votes will have his or her face in homes all across America!

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I have always believed that if has teeth it can bite! This saying is to instill respect for all things with teeth not fear!


Children can also be biters, and can bite quite hard and strong, but I don't see anyone trying to enact a "breed" ban on them!


As many comments affirm--any breed of dog can be a biter. Pit bulls carry the bad reputation I think because they have such incredibly strong jaws that their bite usually does a lot of damage.

Fillis from Carolina

Yes, Linda YOU are correct. I had a similar experience. A pit we knew and loved was never shown anything but love and care from the time she was born. She was sweet and gentle and loving. BUT she too became more protective as she matured and it got so we could not trust her with anyone but family. When she bit a family friend she had known for most of her life and who had come in to feed her many times when we were away, and went after a woman jogging past our house, we knew it was something more than "how they are cared for." It is in their breeding to protect and fight when they feel it is necessary. And we may not know what makes it seem necessary to them! It broke our hearts but we had to send her to live with a dog loving relative who lives on 1200 acres of forest land with no children and no close neighbors. We were just lucky otherwise we would have had to put her down. Don't fool yourself, people. Some of you sound like the mother of the Boston Marathon Bomber who said "My son wouldn't do that...."
So, NO....I think people should NOT be encouraged to have Pitts. In fact it should be harder to own them so that only those who can pass difficult and stringent rules can qualify to raise them. People who raise them to sell via "puppy mills" or to fight should NOT be able to do so as I think is where the majority of the problem comes from. My vote would be for Amber or for the three obviously rescued pups. They seem to say "if not for ASPCA we wouldn't be here now!"


I agree with Zazu. There are plenty of nice dogs out there that won't attack for whatever reason they deem necessary at the time. Pit bulls are loaded guns waiting to go off.


You never met the miniature poodle my aunt had when I was a kid!


Anna: "There are plenty of nice dogs out there that won't attack for whatever reason they deem necessary at the time." So, you're implying that all Pit Bulls attack for whatever reason they deem necessary? And there are other breeds that would never do that? That is a pretty generalized statement. Taking the actions of a few and applying your beliefs to that entire population is quite ignorant. I actually knew an "Anna" once... she was a hateful person who was abusive to many people around her. So, assuming your thought process, since you're named Anna... I guess that makes you a hateful, abusive person, too.


The problem is in the animal itself. Pit Bulls are born with a wicked spirit, and the good upbringing determines if he/she will get over that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But also understand, that there are plenty of cats out there that will not train to be a good pet; scratching and biting. I am a cat lover, having a total of 16 cats(not all at once) in the last 25 years or so. I now have 8 adopted "kids" (cats) living with me, 4 of which were an unforeseen act of God, because their feral mother left them under a bush right below our bedroom window, the day before we moved from Illinois to Kansas. There was no way we had the time or efforts to find homes, or even bring them to a shelter. So they moved with us, while I bottle fed them every 4 hours until they were weaned. One of my cats is very demanding, and wants all the attention when he's near me. He will fight anyone else that comes near. Born to be a wild cat living in a Foster home, and not knowing it at the time of adoption, he is now 7 years old, and has calmed down almost 100%. Animals have been taken from the wild to be brought up as pets, so they all have a good chance of NOT becoming the sweet, loveable pet that we want them to be. Pit Bulls have been named number 1 as an aggressive animal because their genes are made that way, and since they have easily been trained to fight and kill, they get a name they don't deserve. And I say this, even though I am NOT a lover of Pit Bulls.

Robert Negron

Born with a wicked spirit you must be referring to man not pitties. what hogwash!


Absolutely right! The only animal with a wicked spirit is Human. All other animals act on instinct based on experiences.

I do not have a dog, but I do have two cats and the younger one, rescued 4 years ago, is still terrified of plastic bags. I have no idea why he has this fear. He was a tiny kitten we found alone behind a store, hiding in the storm drain.