Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 1:00pm
Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

It’s no secret that ASPCA employees are crazy about animals, so why should our own pets be any exception? Every year, we create a beautiful wall calendar for our friends and supporters using our very own furry friends as models, and as you can imagine, the competition is pretty fierce!

Our 2015 calendar is almost complete, but there’s still one very important decision to make: Whose adorable adopted companion should grace this year’s cover?

We’ve narrowed it down to four contenders, and we need YOU to help us choose a winner. Check out the photos that are in the running, read a little about these sweet, adopted animals, and then cast your vote for our 2015 Cover Dog or Cat. The pet whose photo gets the most votes will have his or her face in homes all across America!

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Beverly Bryant

I guess all the animals should be in a group shot, for that is what we want to live a good life. The group shot with the brown dog best represents as many breeds as possible in the choices.
I would have preferred an English Springer, since that is our favorite breed. Cosmo is our 3rd Springer and is the sweetest.


I was also hoping a Pit Bull could be featured on the cover. My daughter has a 2 year old Pit Bull and she is very sweet and loving. She sleeps with my 10 year old grandson and also loves to let his 6 year old brother lay on or next to her. She has not shown any aggressive behaviors toward people or other animals. She loves to be pet and played with. She always wants to cuddle next to someone and be cuddled. All animals need to be loved and treated with respect.


I vote for Toefu, although they are all cute :)


Love them all but I would vote for Tofue


I vote for Portabella - she's the most photogenic!

kathy gaylor

I would like Portabello to win.


While all the talk seems to be about dogs & cats, I hope we won't forget pet birds.
They live in a cage all their lives (mostly) & I would like to se a couple in the calendar. They can be abused. Cats & Dogs are the biggest number of abused pets-mostly dogs I understand. The one next to Toefu reminds me of an Irish setter we had 6 decades ago & the commarade-ship that comes between these lovely gifts from God. Cats,dogs,birds, & fish-etc.)


Hooch FTW. :)

Linda Crane

I love them all, but toefu is my choice"

Margaret Granger

Wish I had 3 or four votes!!! I love both of the cats, but I can't resist HOOCH!