Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 1:00pm
Help Us Choose the 2015 Calendar Cover Pet!

It’s no secret that ASPCA employees are crazy about animals, so why should our own pets be any exception? Every year, we create a beautiful wall calendar for our friends and supporters using our very own furry friends as models, and as you can imagine, the competition is pretty fierce!

Our 2015 calendar is almost complete, but there’s still one very important decision to make: Whose adorable adopted companion should grace this year’s cover?

We’ve narrowed it down to four contenders, and we need YOU to help us choose a winner. Check out the photos that are in the running, read a little about these sweet, adopted animals, and then cast your vote for our 2015 Cover Dog or Cat. The pet whose photo gets the most votes will have his or her face in homes all across America!

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Donna Little

Would have liked to have seen a pit bull as a choice for the calendar cover.

Roger L. Beard

I also would liked to have seen a pit bull as one of the choices. They have gotten an unnecessarily bad reputation for being vicious dogs when actually they are almost always very sweet loving companions. It's the idiots who chain them 24/7, taunt them, beat them and any other horrible thing they can do to them to make them very aggressive and undesirable.

Fillis Nunes

I Totally agree.. you have had sooo many Pitties shown. You could have picked one of them Especially since it is so important to show and change the publics perception of these beautiful awesome animals.. just sayng :)


Don't agree. Do your research and see how many family pets have maimed or killed other pets or human beings. Pit bulls should be banned as pets.


@Zazu, you are PRECISELY the reason why we are all posting that a bullied breed should be the face of the calendar! You are not solving the problem by protesting pitbulls as companion animals. You are FURTHERING the problem and solidifying the belief that bullied, misunderstood breeds are just that. You have no platform here. And please, do not lecture on your shallow and very limited experience with pitbulls and rottis. Let me remind you that Kiya aka Puppy Doe from Massachusetts was a pitbull who was noted as incredibly sweet by her emergency vet despite the abuse and torture she endured. And if that case doesn't suit you, then perhaps the case of Patrick from NJ (who was found in the trash starved to death but now resides happily as a king in his forever home) will resonate with you and open your mind a crack.


I think it is how the pitbull is is the jerks who do not show love to the animals or create the monster dog not a loving dog.


I so agree!!!!


You guys are SO right! It is how the pet is raised and treated by his owners!!

cindy Capasso

I agree too! It is so sad how many awesome so called aggressive breeds are perceived. I know so many rottweilers, pits and others that are so loving and well behaved. Even easy to train! Its the owners and the abusers that cause the misunderstanding.


Hi, I have to tell you, sad as it is, and I have rescued many dogs, I had a pit baby who came to me as a tiny little girl, and was raised with love and affection at all times. My son, a born dog whisperer, has a scar from the corner of his eye, due to the sweet puppy's biting him e. As she grew to maturity, she became more protective of us, and bit people who came to the house. We chastised her, but not with any physical force as I have never found that necessary with a dog. The kids were young, and opened and closed the door, and two times she got out. One time she knocked over a bicyclist riding in front of our house, and then tried to bite him. One time she bit an old person simply power walking in front of our house. She was trying her best to protect us, I think.

We live near a school, and there was too much danger. As a family, we decided to put her down, as no one would take her. Simultaneously with the decision, animal control had been called by the woman who was bitten, and they took her in from us. It was a tragedy for our family.

This has not stopped us from adopting dogs in need, and my daughter has a half pit adopted girl doggy. But our "Baby" (yes, we named her that) was hell bent to bite anyone not in her family, and it was not as a result of mistreatment or lack of training.