Harley Goes Home

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 12:15pm
Michael and Victoria with Harley

When Midnight, a six-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, came to us, he suffered from severe skin disease and ear infections and looked emaciated. He underwent treatment at the ASPCA Animal Hospital and slowly began to recover. When he was ready, Midnight stayed for months in our Adoption Center, waiting patiently for someone to take him home.

 In February, Victoria D'Asto and Michael Pisula did just that, giving Midnight a new life as part of their family.

“My husband and I waited a year and a half after the passing of our last dog before visiting the ASPCA in Manhattan,” Victoria says. “After looking at all the dogs and meeting several of them, we settled on Midnight, now known as Harley.”

Harley has come a long way, but he still suffers from chronic ear infections. With medication and TLC, Harley’s ear infections are manageable.

“Even with his health issues and difficult past, we felt that he would be a great addition to our family,” Victoria says.

And they were right. Harley is thriving in his new home.

“It turns out that we really lucked out—Harley is so well trained and sweet with everyone he meets,” Victoria says.  “He seems to enjoy his new diet and exercise program as he gains those last five pounds to bring him back up to a healthy weight.”

Victoria tells us that Harley loves to go for walks in Manhattan’s Riverside Park, on shopping trips, and enjoys romping around at Victoria and Michael’s country home on the weekends.

“He loves destroying his toys, fighting for the peanut butter in his new Kong toy and lounging by the fireplace,” she says.  “It's been almost two weeks, and he's already become our best friend!  Thanks, ASPCA!”

Want to help support our efforts to find homes for thousands of homeless pets like Harley? Please consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian today.

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Carla Herwitz

I'm so happy to see the story of Harley, although I try to get my shelter pup sooner after my pup dies--but I understand how hard it is when a pup dies, it's heartbreaking. I'm so extreme about this preference that I look down on people who buy AKC registered dogs. Mutts are just the best in the world. Kaley Cuoco of the Big Bang Theory has adoped 3 shelter pit bulls and we love her for that.

Holly Baldwin

Congratulations to Harley and his new family! I don't mean to butt in but please consider a raw food diet to help him overcome those ear infections and any other health issues likely due to a history of poor nutrition. It's hard to break the dog food habit but the rewards are so worth it!


Bless you and Harley too.

Dick Prescott

Everybody sure experience joy of adoption and give a dog a new loving home.

Jean McCarthy

Thank you for adopting Harley and giving him a wonderful new life of love and hope. Love the picture of the three of you. Enjoy he country as well.


We need more people like Victoria and Michael! Thank you both so much for saving Harley! You two are very lucky to have such a good friend like Harley in your lives! I am so happy for the two of you and of course for Harley! Thank you so much for rescuing Harley. From one animal lover to another I just want to say that I really appreciate what you have done for a shelter dog like Harley. You have given him a new lease on life and you both shuld be very proud of yourselves! (And I know that Harley is very proud of both of you as well!) You will have a forever friend in Harley! Thanks again!
Harley, I am so happy for you! You have found two new best friends who will love and care for you forever! You are an amazing dog with two amazing "parents". Stay strong and play a lot! I hope your ears get better REAL SOON! Just keep taking your medicine and growing stronger everyday! Best wishes in all your new adventures!


As a fellow dog rescuer, mine is a golden retriever named Duncan, I believe you would agree with the sign on the window of my truck - "Who Rescued Who?" Bless you and Harley - you are all very lucky!

Susan Proch

Awesome job guys! You saved the dog and the dog saved you! I have a great concoction for ear infections that I learned from a cocker spanial person. I will be happy to forward it to you if you like, just let me know!


I adopted a dog that came from a nightmare background. She turned out to be my only child as she didn't waste any time taking that one and only spot in my heart where no human had gone. All animals are great but animals that are adopted are so much better than those who come from breeders! I named mine Tikvah because it means "hope" in Hebrew - we gave each other hope when we came into each others' lives! I know that Harley will take that special place in your hearts too, where no one else will ever be able to take his place.

Cathy Breaux

God bless you both for giving this beautiful girl a chance. No telling what she endured in her past.