Harley Goes Home

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 12:15pm
Michael and Victoria with Harley

When Midnight, a six-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, came to us, he suffered from severe skin disease and ear infections and looked emaciated. He underwent treatment at the ASPCA Animal Hospital and slowly began to recover. When he was ready, Midnight stayed for months in our Adoption Center, waiting patiently for someone to take him home.

 In February, Victoria D'Asto and Michael Pisula did just that, giving Midnight a new life as part of their family.

“My husband and I waited a year and a half after the passing of our last dog before visiting the ASPCA in Manhattan,” Victoria says. “After looking at all the dogs and meeting several of them, we settled on Midnight, now known as Harley.”

Harley has come a long way, but he still suffers from chronic ear infections. With medication and TLC, Harley’s ear infections are manageable.

“Even with his health issues and difficult past, we felt that he would be a great addition to our family,” Victoria says.

And they were right. Harley is thriving in his new home.

“It turns out that we really lucked out—Harley is so well trained and sweet with everyone he meets,” Victoria says.  “He seems to enjoy his new diet and exercise program as he gains those last five pounds to bring him back up to a healthy weight.”

Victoria tells us that Harley loves to go for walks in Manhattan’s Riverside Park, on shopping trips, and enjoys romping around at Victoria and Michael’s country home on the weekends.

“He loves destroying his toys, fighting for the peanut butter in his new Kong toy and lounging by the fireplace,” she says.  “It's been almost two weeks, and he's already become our best friend!  Thanks, ASPCA!”

Want to help support our efforts to find homes for thousands of homeless pets like Harley? Please consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian today.

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Bless you ! I have 2 rescues and nothing is better. You guys did a wonderful
thing. Setting a great example. Thank you


As a dog walker for the Michigan Humane Society my heart breaks for each animal I see that is abandoned by their former owner or picked up as a stray. On the flip side I feel so great when an animal is adopted such as yours was. My slogan is "Saving the planet, one animal at a time". Thank you for doing the right thing.

Irene L.

What a lovely picture of your family! Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Enjoy.

Sheri Schongold

Awesome for Harley!! He not only got a family who loves him, but he got one with room to be a puppy. The running room is great.

Charlene Williams

So happy for all of you. Just for your info - those ear infections - our golden had them all the time - found out it was the grain in his food. We give him Wellness with no grain and he has no more infections.

Janet Cooper

Too many people pass by the adult and senior animals at the shelter. We went to adopt a cat to cheer our self-rescued cat after his companion had to be put to sleep from kidney failure. We only wanted one adult kitty to be his companion. The shelter was having a special-adopt a cat over 6 years old for free. We had decided on a cute 18month old black and white little girl, but I worried that she wouldn't bond with our older boy (about 10) so we took a lovely gray tabby over 6 too. He has been such a love and is wonderful about playing with the little girl AND with our older boy. Don't ignore the older pets-they have experienced life and will love you for accepting them!


I love happy endings!!! Enjoy!!!


If you're like me, you feel like it's HARLEY who has done the wonderfule thing for YOU

Lisa D'Ambrosio

LOVE reading about the happy endings and the good work of the ASPCA!!


I am very happy for Victoria and Michael -- they selected Harley and are reaping the joys of having him.

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