Happy Tails: New Year, New Home

Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 2:00pm
Fluffy orange cat looking towards sunlight

After Denise’s 19-year-old cat, LeMew, passed away, she wasn’t interested in getting another companion. But as time went by, she missed the warmth and love of a feline friend. After six months, she knew it was time to adopt again. Here is her Happy Tail:

I first spotted Francis on When his picture popped up, I just knew he was the one. My husband and I were getting ready to leave town for the holidays, but I emailed about Francis anyway. I crossed my fingers that he would still be available when we returned. The day we got back, I called the shelter and sure enough, he was still there! We drove out to the Kiski Valley Cat & Kitten Rescue in Apollo, Pennsylvania, and it was love at first sight. The frightened 9-month-old was put into my arms, and there was no way I was going to leave without him. Francis came home with us and today, he is a happy boy. Rescuing an animal is the best possible way to start the New Year off right!

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Dana K.

He looks like such a happy kittyboy .... so glad he is part of a loving family now. Thanks Denise, for saving him!!


Congratulations to both of you! He was meant to be with you and only you- he was waiting, and with the help of all of the wonders of the Universe, you found him! I wish you many years of joy together.


Big, handsome boy that Francis! Wonderful human beings, Denise and her husband!


Thanks to you and your husband for being kind loving people who open their hearts to another wonderful animal in need. Francis looks like a charmer!


why does no one comment on the fact that he could have been put down while they were on holidays?
i assumed that the story was going to tell us how he was fostered or some such until they could get back, instead a little kittys life possibly depended on how long their holiday was?
i applaud their rescuing him, but lets not miss the obvious.


She did email about him-surely that would mean they'd hold him if no one else wanted him. He's a lovely boy!

Jo Ann

Kiski Valley is a no kill shelter.


What a Happy Tail!! And Francis is absolutely beautiful. Cibgratykatuibs ti bith Debuse abd Frabcus. Yoy're both winners. Have a wonderful life together.


Francis is so beautiful!


This is such a wonderful happy tail. What a beautiful cat. Hope your life together is happy and peaceful. Thank you for the rescue of this wonderful cat.